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5 Most Popular Types of Pipe Cutters

These are specialized tools for cutting pipes. They are also one of the most famous plumbers’ tools because of their affordable, yet efficient nature. Yes, you can probably cut a pipe by using some other tools, but there’s nothing like a pipe cutter’s consistency when it comes to it. Pipe cutters are known for providing quick and professional cuts that other tools are lacking achieve. This is why it’s one of a plumber’s “must-haves” if they’re planning on a career in this industry. So today, we’ll be making your life a lot easier by revealing the five most popular types of pipe cutters that a plumber uses on a daily basis!

The different types of pipe cutters…

Considering that there are different types of pipe cutters, you also need to determine what kind of pipe are you cutting and what kind of cutter is best suited for the job. Many think that there is only one type of pipe cutter, however, there are actually different variants of them. Each type specializes depending on what material the pipe is made of.

Here, we’ll tell you the most popular pipe cutters that are usually saturated during plumbing operations…

  1. Plastic Pipe Cutters – This type of cutter is perfect for cutting hard plastics. 
  1. Copper Pipe Cutters – Best for cutting copper pipes. They are one of the tougher pipe cutters that are used to cut through harder materials.
  1. Steel Pipe Cutters – Used for more hardcore pipes, these are used to cut through thick metal pipes.
  1. Aluminum Pipe Cutters – The best tool for cutting soft metal pipes such as aluminum tubes and pipes.
  1. Brass Pipe Cutters – Its bulky structure makes it the ideal tool for cutting copper pipes and tubing in different kinds of sizes.

How to choose the best pipe for you?

The most important factor that you need to determine is what type of pipe you are cutting. This will entail the best pipe cutter for the job. Is the pipe brass? Is it aluminum, or is it made out of another material completely? Once, this is done, you can now easily determine what kind of pipe cutter you need.

Consider a pipe cutter’s core features…

Due to technological advancements, pipe cutters have also evolved over time. There are manual cutters, battery-operated cutters, and hydraulic ones. Which one will be more comfortable for you to use? What type of cutter can ultimately benefit the project? These are some of the things you need to ponder on as well. 

A simple guide on which pipe cutter to use.

As we’ve mentioned, there is a vast selection of pipe cutters to choose from, so we’ll tell you a simple way how you can determine the type you need depending on the project. 

Confined spaces – Use a single-handed pipe cutter. This type is smaller compared to others so you’ll easily hand carry them.

Cutting different types of pipes – Use adjustable pipe cutters for this job since, (obviously) it has the ability to be adjusted in a size that is most comfortable for you to work on. 

Thick and heavy material – It’s ideal to use a heavy-duty cutter if you’re cutting something made of tough substances.

Down in the dirt – A soil pipe cutter is one of the most ideal tools if you want to apply chain pressure to snap the pipe.

We promised to make it short didn’t we? So here are the most probable situations you’ll get into when you’re cutting pipes. However, that’s just the gist of it. As you go along the way

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