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About Us

Who We Are

To carry out in connection with such other business as may be conveniently or profitably carried out or maybe usefully employed to enhance the value of any corporate property.

Our Mission

Flextool Equipment & Tools Corporation provides high-quality products that innovate and enhance the durability of infrastructures in the Philippines.

Our Vision

To be one of the leading suppliers of light construction equipment and tools in the Philippines.

What We Do

To engage in the importation, selling, wholesale, and renting of light construction machinery and construction materials and supplies as well as small-medium heavy equipment which are suitable for the construction of:

  • roads and bridges
  • horizontal and vertical structures
  • environmental projects
  • maintenance
  • urban development
  • port operations and logistics
  • fire and reserve
  • drainage and sewerage,
  • and related machines including equipment for mining, telecommunications, communications, shipbuilding, food processing, agriculture, fisheries, forestry, livestock, and other transport machinery and equipment for land, air, or sea.
Provided it shall not engage in investment, solicitation nor in investment taking activity for public investors, provided further that the corporation shall not engage in financial leasing.

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