5 Smart Wearables for Construction 2022

Jun 23, 2022 | 0 comments

It’s out with the old and in with the new. Construction gears/wearables have been around for as long as construction was alive (and that’s already decades long!). However, they’re not your typical construction gears no more. Expect them to be a bit more advanced than usual. It’s an obvious fact that construction is one of the riskiest jobs in the industry, which is why protective gear is a must for all who work in one. And in the current day that we live in now, innovation has been continuously developing in all directions, especially in construction. Now, in 2022, we’re going to number down the top five smart wearables in construction!

What are smart wearables?

Smart wearables are already considered high-functioning construction gear due to their added technology. Let’s give a bit of background. This started when the pandemic broke out which then led to a more rigorous safety implementation. Industries have responded to the challenging period as an opportunity to focus on further developments for technologies that will soon reshape the face of construction safety. 

Going back, smart wearables are a top-of-the-line safety construction gear that features construction tech that has never been developed before. We’re not talking about ordinary working boots, ordinary hard helmets, or gloves. We’re talking about something better and more modernized with extra elements that can further ensure a worker’s safety.

Notable benefits of smart wearables…

  • It can reduce the percentage of fatal injuries.
  • Wearable technology can help prevent falls which are a common risk on construction sites. 
  • It has vital signs tracking to ensure you’re still fit to work given that some circumstances can be harsher than most.
  • It has tracking devices so that people from HQ can know where you are.

Difference between regular safety gears and smart wearables…

Regular safety gear doesn’t have the extra features that smart wearables have. Regular safety gear sports functionality but it doesn’t go the extra mile to prevent possible risks from happening. On the other hand, smart wearables feature advanced elements such as Bluetooth functions, tracking devices, powerful sensors, and even vital signs tracking! These are only some of the most applauded features that it has. 

Smart wearables you should have in every operation…

Consider wearing one of these smart wearables in operations. By simply having one item in your gear can ultimately give you a lot of advantages. Here, we’re going to tell you all the cool things about these smart wearables and why you should consider wearing or purchasing them!

1 Smart hard hat.

It’s doing more than keeping workers’ heads safe from falling debris! The smart hard hat has evolved into one of the fine techs in the construction industry. To this day, hard hats have now been more optimized to help keep workers safe by adding a few tweaks to them. The smart hard hats now have sensors, microphones, cameras, and more! 

It’s beneficial in a way that it can increase a worker’s productivity and confidence because of these new functions. In line with this, it can also be beneficial for the office to field comms or simply let an injured worker call for help.

2 Construction Goggles

These glasses don’t just protect your eyes from stray debris or other flying chemicals in the air but they can also alert you of possible danger ahead of you. Smart glasses also offer wearers all the benefits of a smartphone! However, they allow users to access these benefits hands-free. Here are more of the goggles’ best features and benefits to all workers according to Vuzix.

  • Highlight and warn co-workers in hidden areas.
  • Recommend against the use of dangerous or life-threatening tasks.
  • Provide an interactive, 3D map of any job site, including real-time locations of colleagues and machines.
  • Notify safety personnel when proper fall protection isn’t used.
  • Provide on-site injury diagnostics.
  • Caution against improper handling of hazardous materials.

3 Smart Boots

The normal working boots are tagged as durable, sturdy, and long-lasting. But the smart boots will go the extra mile for you. The new smart boots that are making rounds in the construction industry will be able to detect if workers are at risk of collisions. These boots are equipped with sensors so they can easily detect underlying risks that are bound to happen. Although they are not officially out on the market yet, it is one of the much-awaited gadgets in construction.

4 Smart Gloves

These are the gloves that will actually make you feel as if you have superpowers. Normal gloves can protect your skin from blisters, but can they actually give you strength? Smart gloves can provide you with increased grip strength and dexterity for using tools and lifting objects. This newly added technology is definitely changing the face of construction gloves everywhere.

5 Consider owning a smartwatch

Owning a smart proves to be beneficial to construction workers as well in terms of tracking health concerns. A smartwatch can show pertinent health data if in such cases a construction worker shows signs of being over fatigued. 

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