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5 Best Road Construction Through The Years

You would know an impressive road when you actually comment upon it while driving through or walking through. This is to consider that majority of the roads are commonly overlooked of course. Then again, it is only something that’s meant to be “crossed on” may it be by car or by foot. Little do we know that these projects are also a work of art. It takes a lot of work to actually construct long winding roads from scratch. It takes the best of the best construction companies to pull it through. So now, we’ll be talking about the best road construction in the world. It’s so beautiful you might want to cross it one or more times!

Top countries that house the best roads in the world. 

You can’t have it all, they say, and this also goes for construction companies in different countries. While it’s a given that most countries have their own specialties and delights, here are the few of them that excel in industrial work, specifically in road construction. 

So don’t be surprised when you have the chance to visit their country. If the thought ever pops in your head, try and notice their roads for once. It’s probably the best there can be. According to Biz Vibe, these are the countries that are the best in road construction.

  1. China
  2. Japan
  3. South Korea
  4. United States
  5. India
  6. Poland
  7. Russia
  8. Singapore
  9. Italy
  10. Taiwan
  11. Brazil
  12. United Kingdom

1 Amalfi Coast Road – Italy

Photo by: Dreams of Italy

Probably one of the most scenic routes in the world. Known for having the best architecture, food, art, fashion, literature, and films, Italy doesn’t fall short in having one of the best roads ever built. The Amalfi Coast Road exudes a different kind of magic as you wheeze through the scenes of endless blue oceans and dreamy architecture. If you look closely, there are many more tiny colorful houses that are scattered around amidst amazing natural landscapes. This is truly an enchanting sight to behold.

2 Tianmen Mountain Road – China

Photo by: My Best Place

The utterly breathtaking view of the Tianmen Mountain Road will leave you speechless as you wind through its serpentine slopes (and there are 99 of them!). Even if the ride takes about 20 minutes, it’s enough to marvel at the sights to behold. Everyone loves a vast scene of greens and to feast your eyes on what the Tianmen Mountain Road can offer is more than what you’re asking for. It is practically mountains of spectacular height, and surely you won’t get enough of it!

3 Milford Road (New Zealand)

Photo by: Destinationless Travel

It will undoubtedly be like stepping into a picture. The view is surreal with snow-covered mountain tips and nothing but a long winding road ahead. If you think it’s all road and no stops, there are actually some spots on this road that you can freely explore. However, if you wish to stay in the comforts of your ride, you can absolutely do so and simply enjoy the stunning landscapes you’re about to pass by. 

4 Combe Laval – France

Photo By: Roads To Travel

Named France’s balcony road, this terrain lets you relive a definition of “what’s life without a little risk?”. As you drive by this beautiful road in France, you won’t be able to help but be just a tad bit nervous about the ride. To give you an idea, you’ll be rolling through a road with a wall that’s probably left you no more than a 12-14” wide road. It will separate you from a sheer drop of close to 1,000ft to an unquestionable cause of death! 

But looking at the bright side of things, along the road lies amazing rock formations. And underneath are endless valleys. Also, make sure that to have a camera ready, expect a number of beautiful caves in passing. Overall, if you’re not too sensitive to height, this is one ride that’s definitely worth the risk. 

5 Blue Ridge Parkway – USA

Photo By: Planet of Hotels

Arguably one of the most beautiful roads in America. It already has the title of “America’s Favorite Road”! As a matter of fact, people loved cruising along its road so the government decided to take care of it and make it a conservation area. The road features a tranquil atmosphere that instantly puts travelers in a good mood. With its autumn-themed forest palette, it’s hard not to keep sighing at each turn when the road feels like something out of a storybook!

To top it all off, it’s not just simple greeneries that you’ll see here, but rather, you’ll also marvel at a couple of waterfalls you’ll pass by. For mountaineers or hikers, this is also a perfect place for you to bring out your hiking boots and explore some of its amazingly gorgeous landscapes.

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