Who Are The Biggest Construction Companies in the World?

May 25, 2022 | 0 comments

Curious about which construction companies are behind the most extravagant buildings in the world? Well, we’re about to find out! These companies have been running the show long before we did, and they have basically built most of our infrastructures and our buildings, and the most iconic city landmarks. Here, we’ll get to know each of them and their most significant projects throughout the years. So who are the biggest construction companies in the world?

VINCI – France

One of the biggest construction companies in the world belongs to the country of impeccable bagels and croissants, and high fashion. You guessed it! It’s Paris, France. However, it’s not just the city of love that we’re talking about here. Technically, we’re also showing love to their most beautiful construction work through the years. One of the best of the best is the VINCI construction company. 

In line with this, they are a French brand that caters to a global stage. Although this company has already hundreds of projects under its wing, we’ll show off their most spectacular ones. 

  1. The French Embassy in Jakarta
  2. Vasco De Gama Bridge in Lisbonne
  3. The Grand RavinneViaduct in Les Trois-Bassins
  4. Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport
  5. Hilton Hanoi Opera Hotel
  6. Ashgabat Cinema
  7. The Grand Louvre (upgrade)

These are only some of the wonderful projects that the VINCI has finished. Then again, looking at their wonderful works, there is a promise of more to come. Actually, according to their official website, they will be working on renovations on the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in London, the Femern Tunnel in Denmark, and 43 other projects in 19 countries! How do we say awesome in French?

Bechtel- USA

The USA doesn’t fall short of being the best in the construction industry. And one of the most applauded companies that have built some impressive industrial work over the years is Bechtel. They are currently the largest construction company in the USA and are headquartered in San Francisco. 

Basically, the company houses 50,000 employees! What’s more, they are consistently catering to projects abroad making them a trusted construction and contractor company in the world. Now, let’s see their most iconic projects of all time!

  1. JFK Air Train
  2. Hoover Dam
  3. Prairie State Energy Campus
  4. Ankara-Gerede Highway
  5. Black Rock Wind Farm
  6. Boston Central Artery
  7. California Valley Solar Ranch
  8. Chornobyl Shelter and Confinement

And these are only a gist of what they have already built. Technically, when they said that America is one of the advanced countries out there, they weren’t kidding! 

Skanska AB – Sweden

Sweden is not only known for its breathtaking views but they are also known to be included as a trusted construction company all over the world. They are known as one of the biggest construction companies out there. And like all companies, Skanska’s specializes in building infrastructure and general building construction. They build bridges and roads, as well as homes, hospitals, and schools. Basically, the Skanska construction company is big on producing commercial establishments.

The company has indeed procured famous landmarks and facilities, in fact, might be familiar with a lot of them. Here are some of their projects throughout the years!

  1. Brooklyn Bridge – Skanska Koch, United States
  2. The Sjisjka wind farm, Sweden
  3. Abe’s Garden Alzheimer’s and Memory Care Center of Excellence, United States
  4. UF Health Shands Cardiovascular/Neuroscience Hospital Expansion, United States
  5. University of Central Florida, Baseball Stadium Expansion, United States
  6. IKEA Home Furnishings, United States

To this day, these establishments are standing tall, proud, and ready to serve! 

Balfour Beatty – United Kingdom

Great buildings and infrastructures await us in the walls of Balfour Beatty in the United Kingdom. Come to think of it, for almost 80 years and counting, this construction company has been a leader in the U.S commercial construction industry. Their elegant designs have graced a lot of countries and are known to be a competitive bunch in the construction world. 

Moreover, they are originally located in Dallas, Texas, USA, and London! However, as their enterprise grew over the years, they now have approximately 26,000 workers under their wing. Trust us, their revenue is as whopping as their work with a $4.5 billion revenue. Now, let’s see their most iconic works worldwide!

  1. Glasgow Queen Street station redevelopment
  2. Whitechapel Station, Elizabeth line, London
  3. The Southern Gateway, Texas
  4. I-635 East, Dallas, Texas
  5. M+ Museum, Hong Kong
  6. Woolwich Station, Elizabeth Line, London
  7. Forth Valley College’s Falkirk Campus, Scotland

You can check all of these amazing projects by clicking on this link

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