The Most Famous Unfinished Construction Projects Around the World

Apr 12, 2022 | 0 comments

Beautiful as they are grand, not all of the famous towering monuments are created whole. Believe it or not, their unfinished beauty is actually the reason why they are well-known. And most of these notoriously forgotten or overly postponed projects are the center of attention in different countries. To sum it up, we’re taking a look at the most famous unfinished construction projects in the world.

Let’s get to know some of the reasons why they are unfinished.

There might be numerous possibilities or different outcomes for unfinished construction projects to take place. Although it is an utter shame that these beautiful city focal points are not whole, people still flock from different sides of the world to see them. Take note, that these abandoned construction projects are decades old and are still rocking the architectural world anyway. So the big question remains, why are these establishments unfinished?

Let’s dive into the most familiar reasons why these buildings are left uncompleted. Here are some of them:

  • War – Considering that most construction pieces have been around for more than a thousand years, it’s not uncommon to see some of them have war remnants. So technically, after these establishments get destroyed by the war, they are no longer restored to their former glory.
  • Disease Outbreaks – Some establishments are used as makeshift hospitals or recovery rooms. And in such time that the dust settles and the disease eases out, people tend to be wary to use the establishment again. Usually, disease plagued buildings are left for dead as people fear that the virus itself still lives within the air or the said building. 
  • Lack of Funds – Probably the most common reason why production stops. This is why anticipating the funds for the project
  • Unpredictable Obstacles – it could be anything! The trouble with work permits, a hiccup in production, extreme weather conditions, too difficult to build designs, and so on. 

The unfinished beauty of construction.

From the most famous city landmarks to the undiscovered gems all over the world, we’re going to scrutinize each one block by block. It’s so easy viewing these beautiful landmarks often with rose-colored glasses, but to know the history and the journey of each one is a completely different story. So, why don’t we see the towering wonders of these abandoned/unfinished construction sites?

The UFO Houses in Taiwan

Photo Source: World Architecture

Too ahead of their time. That’s one statement that puts this construction project in its place. Believe it or not, the construction license for this project actually started in the 1970s! Its cylindrical style screams futuristic up until now. But sadly, the manufacturer Yu-chou went bankrupt and this prompted the halting of the construction. 

Now, the UFO houses are still standing and unfinished. Although given its sad demise, the structure still looks very promising. But the site has not totally come to waste, it actually appeared in some films and cultural productions. Local tourists also frequent the place from time to time.

As we gaze at the picture, one couldn’t help but wonder the big “what could have been” if the project was actually completed.

The Replica of Paris in China

Photo Source: CNN

As the famous line says, “we will always have Paris” Rick from Casablanca had no idea that decades later, there will be a number of Paris replicas all around the world. And one of the most popular one is made in China (surprise, surprise!).  Looking at it in photos, you might think that people will come flocking in. But in truth, the place is already abandoned.

Built in 2007, it indeed captured worldwide attention, the little town did not meet the 10,000 resident occupancies. Therefore it left the streets and the apartments mostly empty rendering the small town “abandoned” (but not completely).

La Sagrada Familia

Probably one of the longest unfinished establishments in the world! It is actually one of the most spectacular architectural pieces you’ll see. The construction started in 1882 and until now it is still underway. Architects all over the world come flocking because of their unique and otherworldly design despite being unfinished still.

This explains why the design and the construction are a bit Gothic. The church did not just experience multiple abandonments, but different architects and contractors as well. The very first one was Don Francisco de Paula del Villar y Lozano. The reason why he abandoned the said project was because of disagreements. 

But the holy sanctuary still had hope as Arch. Antonio Gaudi took the direction of the project. Since then, it was his design that will carry through to its completion in 2026.

Lapalice Castle in Poland

Photo Source: House and History

The Lapalice Castle has the potential to become one of the most beautiful, but what lies on the grounds is a depressing wreck. It was once envisioned to be a  house for artist Piotr Kazimierczak. Unfortunately, the painter will never see the entirety of what would soon become his home as the painter ran out of money and failed to submit the right permits to complete the project.

Today, you would see the castle filled with graffiti and is consumed by outdoor elements. Although contractors have long stopped production, its beauty still attracts local tourists and has now become an unofficial tourist spot for the people in Poland.

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