Spotting Fake Tools: Here Are 5 Things You Should Look At!

May 12, 2022 | 0 comments

Spotting fake tools can be a difficult task when one doesn’t know what to look for. When duplicates are nothing short of stock, it’s essential for quality brands to protect their names in the industry where dupes run free on local markets. However, it would also greatly contribute to your investment for you to know and learn how to spot fake tools from real and authentic brands.

The downfall of buying inauthentic tools.

The number one pitfall of buyers who opt to invest in second hands or “class A” dupes is the quality of the tool. It’s a given fact that your tool’s “lookalike” will more likely suffer from short timespans unlike buying authentic construction tools. But its authenticity and quality are just two of the many things that should concern you.

Fake tools are mostly sourced online. Compared to buying from authentic sources. Expect that fake ones might have incomplete accessories or functions. And this is one advantage of buying from official sources. In an overall count, there are also the possibilities of anomalies or malfunction in usage if the tool is fake. 

This may cause the users to get injured whilst using the tools. Therefore, fake tools also sacrifice the confidence of workers to do their job with the security of not getting hurt.

How to spot fake tools from authentic ones?

So the question still remains. How can we tell fakes from the real ones? Considering the fact that imitations run rampant in unofficial markets, some may be harder to spot than others. Another swaying decision for men and women is the cheap price that it holds. But nevertheless, little details can differentiate one from the other. 

A discerning eye can simply spot these differences if they know what they are looking for. Here’s how you can do them!

Check out the retailer!

There are a lot of distributors and retailers out there that are either official distributors or are pretending to be one. Watch out for these and familiarize yourself with the authenticity of their business. Don’t hesitate to do thorough research or simply ask. Some come off as legitimate because their name sounds legitimate. But don’t be so easily fooled. Usually, authorized resellers are mentioned on the official website. So that’s one way to make sure you’re getting the real deal.

Look into the details. 

Every brand has an official website in this day and age. Who doesn’t, right? With that being said, it’s also preferable for you to check their official website other than the said reseller for additional details to look at. Legitimate businesses offer information about imitations and authentic products and the small details you should look at to confirm if the product is original. If everything checks in, then you’re good to go!

Be familiar with the tools’ retail prices. 

Retail prices are everything. If it’s too low, be suspicious. Check out the official store if they are giving discounts for that particular item and compare it to the discount of the outlet store. If the official store gives it a 20% discount and the outlet gives off 70% then that’s probably a ripoff. Something is definitely wrong. 

Technically be discerning as ever when you are faced with deceiving choices such as these, especially if you’re after the authentic kind.

Check the reviews. 

The product reviews are a tell-all. These are from the people who already bought, experienced, and have explored the item entirely. They are the ones who know what’s up if there are any malfunctions to the item, if there are defects or if it’s incomplete. This is why when you’re buying a product from an online store, make sure to read through the comments thoroughly. And if ever you read something bad, avoid it. It’ll only burn money that’s not even worth it

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