Site Visitors: What to do before going on field visits?

Oct 3, 2021 | 0 comments

Visiting a construction site? This article will guide you throughout your visit. If you’re a first-timer, or a frequent site visitor, this one’s worth reading. Here, we’ll tell you how and what to prepare before going to the construction site, and how you can transcend proper visitation etiquette once you’re there. Plus, we’ll also let you know the ideal attire you’ll wear for the site visit.

Before going to the site…

Make sure you know who you’re meeting with and where. 

Avoid getting lost and having miscommunications. Site visitors should always get the contact information of the person in charge. In this way, you’ll be able to get to your destination without any unwanted road bumps along the way. Basically, do keep in mind that you’ll be driving to endangered sites and driving in areas that vehicles are more likely, are not allowed. So make sure you bring the right passes and validation IDs (if it’s needed)  to prevent any road hassles.  

Site visitors should ask what safety equipment is required. 

A word of precaution, you might not be allowed on the site if you don’t have enough safety gear. To be safe, make sure you communicate this in advance if you don’t have any on hand. Every location differs and you want to be prepared. Some of the most common equipment are hard hats, safety glasses, reflective vests, and steel toe boots. 

As site visitors, carry small, helpful tools. 

This may vary on what you’re actually building. If you’re building a train station, a mine, a commercial building, an office building, and a lot more, you would want to have something handy. For example, your small helpful tool might be a flashlight. This is when you’re about to enter dark rooms and inspect dark areas. 

On the contrary, it might also be a tape measure. This is for the instance that you might want to measure something specific on the site. One other handy tool is a camera (although we know everyone keeps smartphones nowadays, those also help too). Trust us when we say, these simple tools will help you big time when it comes to inspecting. 

Use the bathroom. 

You read this one right! Unless you want to use the portable toilets on-site, you might want to take that potty break before you leave. Although, this is not always the case. Sometimes the field office will have a private bathroom, but don’t be reliant on it. Remember, you’ll be visiting a place that is not yet fully built, and if there are bathrooms installed, it’s unlikely that they’re ready to use.

We hope this helped! If you want to know more about construction tools or carpentry, head on to our blog site!