Room Renovation at Home: 9 Tools and Equipment You Need

Aug 31, 2021 | 0 comments

So you’ve finally made up your mind to remodel a room in your home! Exciting, isn’t it? But before you go banging into walls, how about we make sure you have the right equipment first? Remodeling may sound quirky, and for beginners who don’t really do construction work, you may think of it as a sort of art or a “decorative” activity. Let me tell you, it is more than just making a space look more timely and beautiful, but it also involves a lot of construction work and making sure that the room stays functional.

To be able to pull off a successful room renovation? You need the proper tools to begin. So, here are the most basic tools and equipment you need to get the job done for your room renovation at home!

Find a good Hammer.

Depending on what kind of room renovation you’re planning to do (whether it be big or small) you can never go wrong with a good performing hammer. May we suggest a Solid-steel Framing Hammer With Ripping Claw? This kind of hammer is preferred if you’re planning on having small demolition projects. Plus, its claw is perfect for removing old nails from your walls. Duality is supremacy and a hammer with a ripping claw has both.

Have yourself a tool pouch.

It’s not going to sound too tacky once you know that it has big advantages. This small pouch can prevent you from having trouble picking up your tools from across the room. With a pouch latched on to you, you can effortlessly grab the necessary tools you need. The faster you have access to your tools, the sooner you get the job done.

Don’t forget the extension cords.

You can’t use your power tools without electricity. One of the most essential pieces of equipment you need is extension cords. Expect your tools to have an adequate amount of wire attached to them, but you can never be too comfortable that they’ll reach another room. Extension cords can give you the leverage of going into different areas of a room without having the worries of the wires no being enough.

Demolition bars.

If you’re set on having small demolition projects, you must have a demolition bar. These are metal bars with one end flattened and is split creating a “v” angle. The “v’s” purpose is for pulling out nails. Meanwhile, the other end is used as a chisel used for cutting objects in half.

Use ladders.

If you’re reaching high, please don’t use boxes, crates, or stacked wood for you to gain leverage. By doing so, you’re just putting yourself in harm’s way. Those objects may look sturdy but they are not trustworthy in the long run. Having a ladder by your side can guarantee your safety during these room renovation projects.

Writing or marking tools.

When you’re doing a room renovation project, you want to be precise as possible. Even if you say how well you know a room or how straight you cut, trust us when we say, you need marking tools to get accurate measurements. These tools can go as simple as having a pencil or a sharpie hanging on your ear. 

Saw blades for the woodworks.

If you’re using a lot of different kinds of wood, it’s useful to have a selection of saw blades at your disposal. A good working saw will allow you to cut solid lumber, plywood, plastic, wood with nails in it, steel, sheet metal duct, steel pipe, PVC pipe, and a lot more. 

Drill bits.

Drills come in different shapes and sizes for good reason. Expect that you will not work with just one type of nail to push through a wall. With room renovations, depending on what you wish to install, it’s smart to have a selection of drill bits especially if you’re planning on planting a lot of holes.

A set of pliers.

Pliers don’t come as one piece (although we’re pretty sure you can purchase some in hardware stores) but they usually come as a set. This is because each plier has its own special functions. And with a room renovation is in the making, you would want to anticipate what you’ll need throughout the entire process. Take note that it’s also advisable for you to use insulated pliers when cutting through wires. A regular one might not secure your safety.

Don’t forget your coveralls!

Trust our words when we say, it’s better to have a battered-up coverall than ruining every good pair of working clothes that you have. Expect to get down and dirty when you’re having room renovations at home. You’ll be painting, dealing with woodwork, drilling in nails, demolishing walls, and a lot of other things. This is why your coveralls don’t just protect your clothes, but it ultimately acts as your protective gear when you’re in the process of renovating.

And that’s 10 things! Hope this helped. We want to thank you to Popular Mechanics for providing great insight on our topic for today!

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