Promoting Safety Practices: How To Stay Safe In The Construction Field

Jul 18, 2021 | 0 comments

Promoting safety practices is one of the first and foremost discussed and announced in places of work especially in hazardous ones. This not only goes with the work itself but also considers the environment of the construction site. Here, we’re going to tell you all about promoting safety practices that you should know when working, or planning to build a career in construction.

Common hazards to look out for in construction.

But first, know the most common risks when working in construction. In this way, you can also become more cautious and alert when working in certain areas in construction that may or may contain these hazards.

  • Scaffoldings – In an onlooker’s point of view, scaffoldings are the metal bars that hold up the building during construction. However, it does not only hold up the building, but it also allows people to travel through them from point A to point B. And yes, they are very dangerous as they look. They lack safety in terms of falling, and this does not only involve the people, but if the scaffolding is not secure, this can also mean the collapse of the entire thing. Watch out for these!
  • Excavation – This ultimately means the digging phase of a construction site. Depending on the environment and how disciplined the workers are, this might also cause hazards since it will allow you to be exposed to underground services or overhead electrical cables. Moreover, workers are also prone to trip or fall into the trenches or have other excavated material fall on them when not careful.
  • Ladders – One of the most used mediums to go from point A to point B in construction. Nevertheless, ladders also pose one of the big hazards in construction when one is not cautious enough. Also, watch out for ladder defects. If spotted, alert your workmates and do not proceed climbing them anymore.
  • Electrical wires – A construction site is a jumble of activity. And with power tools rapidly growing in the market, expect some wires scattered about. Know that not all these wires come from power tools. Some connect to high voltage power, and if you accidentally trip, fall, or accidentally step on them, this may cause disastrous effects in terms of your health. 

We’re not telling you to avoid them when you see them. However, just be more alert in such times that you would come upon them or use them.

Safety practices

Now you know what to look out for! However, we’re yet to discuss promoting safety practices in construction. Below are the most common safety practices one should know when working in the field.

  • Have the entire grasp of your surroundings – In short, do not be ignorant of your surroundings and always stay alert. Being ignorant in an environment full of possible hazards may be one of the biggest dangers in construction. And this not only applies to you but with your co-workers as well. Being ignorant will put people working with you at risk. So before you step foot in the construction field, make sure that you are knowledgeable with the hazards involved.
  • Training – Construction can always be learned through hands-on training. However, to be able to do them in a safe manner, you would have to learn them before hand. This does not only apply with new comers, but seasoned construction workers also needs refreshers once in a while.
  • Communication – Discussions, planning, and organizing needs to be completed before starting any project. Therefore, clear and concise communication can result in faster progress with work. This will entail full understanding of reponsibilities or tasks and the overall goal of the construction project.
  • Use the proper equipment – Make sure that you are given the proper equipment to get the job done. Being handed wrong tools can only result in poor quality work. Moreover, workers with improper equipment are bound to make errors that may harm them and their co-workers. 
  • Transparency – The worst thing anyone can do is hide or “secret” some kind of accident happening in the construction field. Again, being in construction is one of the most perilous work one can have. In all honesty, an occurance one or two accidents may not be helped. However, it is also important to inform them of any injuries regarding the field for preventive measures.

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