Lightweight Construction Tools: Introducing MasterPac Power Tools

Jun 26, 2021 | 0 comments

A lot of brands have now emerged from using traditional tools to power tools. One of the most advanced tools in the industry today is lightweight construction tools. It is a widely used construction equipment that many professionals are fond of. moreover, not only does it have multiple benefits, both for the project and the workers, but it also gives quality outputs. Ultimately, because of the growing popularity of lightweight construction tools, numerous brands emerged carrying those kinds of equipment. One of these brands is MasterPac tools.

Getting to know MasterPac Tools

Master Pac tools are one of the pioneers in the industry holding 15 years of experience in manufacturing light construction equipment. Moreover, they have strategically partnered with network dealers who are all professionally customer-oriented with great knowledge on product reliability, performance, and competitiveness.

Here are some lightweight construction tools under MasterPac Tools:

  • Rammers
  • Forward reversible vibrating plates
  • Reversible vibrating plates 
  • Walk-behind rollers
  • Poker vibrators
  • Power trowels
  • Vibrating Screeds
  • Concrete Saws

Flextool MasterPac Tools

Recognized worldwide, MasterPac tools has garnered a name for itself in the construction industry. Additionally, it also has great performance when it comes to the field. Luckily, here in the Philippines, Flextool carried a number of products under its wing.

Moreover, this corporation not only holds one of the best performing tools in the market but also hold multiple brands. Ultimately, Flextool is a distributor of lightweight construction tools here in the Philippines. One of the brands they carry is MasterPac equipment for construction. Here are some of the powetools they carry.

  1. Double Drum Vibrator Roller 
  2. Edging Power Trowel
  3. Floor Saw
  4. Forward Plate Compactor
  5. Green Concrete Saw
  6. Reversible Plate Compactor

Benefits of Using Lightweight Construction Tools

Although traditional tools are sturdy and overall great, we cannot deny the new abilities that new ones possess. Construction equipment plays a significant role in building establishments. Compared to traditional tools, lightweight construction equipment can be more beneficial for construction workers. Not only is it lightweight, but it also has new and advanced features as well. These are today’s tools. And with the modern technology we have right now, it makes lightweight materials the new state-of-the-art gadget in construction sites.

On the other hand, here are some of the benefits it provides:

  • You get to use high-end construction tools! This not only elevates your chances of producing good quality work, but it also helps the overall production!
  • It increases your productivity in a way that it motivates you to work harder. Who doesn’t want like using advanced tools?
  • Working in construction sites can be hazardous and exhausting. However, by using lightweight construction tools such as MasterPac, you’ll get to conserve more energy.

With MasterPac tools, you’re sure to be ahead of your construction game by using advanced lightweight equipment. Have one of you own now in: