Ligchine Tools 101: All You Need to Know

Jun 13, 2021 | 0 comments

Proudly made from the USA, Ligchine tools are a game-changer in the growing market of construction materials. Ligchine is a trusted brand for laying out perfectly flat concrete. We know this seems pretty easy, but try imagining an entire building or hectares of land needing to layout concrete. This is where Ligchine comes in handy. This company holds one of the most sought-after concrete laying tools in the market.

What makes Ligchine Tools great?

Let’s think about this first, who needs a flat floor? And of course, there’s a frenzy of ideas that comes to mind cause there’s just so many! Almost every establishment needs good grounding, even our houses. On the other hand, have you ever walked on uneven asphalt? Or tripped over something because of some bump in the road? You don’t have to tell us, we know it’s frustrating. 

This leads us into our next subject, which is laying out completely flat concrete. It’s much easier said than done. Luckily, Ligchine offers a whole new era of putting on quality flat concrete in our establishments. They have created the most cutting edge tools that specialized in manufacturing boom-operated screeds and revolutionary drive-in machines that gives an all out performance. 

Innovation of laying concrete using Ligchine Tools

The men behind this innovative way of laying out concrete is a nephew and uncle tandem, Peter Ligman and Gary Ligman. However, in the long run, Peter will be the one to continue Ligchine’s outstanding progression in laying concrete.

It all started when Peter Ligman was working as a layout contractor. He needed an automated way to improve concrete placement efficiency and quality. Funny enough, during that time, no machine was a good fit for his business. Therefore, it was Peter’s passion that lit the fuse to create Ligchine. 

He made tools that are automated to flatten concrete smoothly.  As said on their official website, “Ligchine was born out of Peter’s motivation to design an innovative concrete screeding machine that was accurate, durable, versatile and affordable.” And he succeeded.

What do we have in store?

Flextool Equipments and Tools Corp is one of the official distributors of lightweight construction tools that is based in the Philippines. While holding a couple more brands, Flextool also has ligchine tools under their wing. 

Flextool Ligchine Tools:

  • ScreedSaver Boss – This features a front wheel hydraulic drive with 2D leveling systems and a 3D system that’s contoured for concrete paving.
  • ScreedSaver II – Engine run machine that is capable of wireless transmission. It is key activated and runs on unleaded gasoline.
  • Screedsaver Max – While the ScreedSaver II runs on unleaded gasoline, this one runs on Diesel. This machine also features a front wheel drive hydraulic piston motors with wireless control and a 90-degree pivoting undercarriage drive frame for parallel to the pour driving.
  • ScreedSaver Pro – Also a diesel fueled device that sports rear wheel hydraulic steering with wireless control. What’s cool about this one is that it also features a 360° pivoting hydraulic undercarriage drive frame parallel to the pour driving!

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