How You Should Be Maintaining Your Construction Tools

Jan 26, 2021 | 0 comments

You can easily save more money in the long run if you know how to maintain your construction tools. From a core drill to pipe cutter, or even just a simple hand tool, ensuring their functionality is a must. By following these simple tips, you can ensure a longer life for your equipment and you’ll keep them running properly for years more. Aside from functionality, you are also contributing to your safety.

6 Tips to Maintaining Your Construction Tools

Regularly do a maintenance check

This is a great habit to get used to. It encourages more diligence and care for the functionality of your tools. This will require an understanding of possible defects and spotting them at the onset. Creating a checklist of things to look over would also help cut down on time. Most importantly, follow the manufacturer’s advice on maintenance checking. They know the equipment best.

Avoiding altering your equipment is also an important factor in this. Altering your tools could make it difficult to spot any dysfunctions. 


This one is pretty straightforward. You need to do a regular wiping of all your tools to make sure no little debris gets into places that could damage the equipment. It’s also important to follow the tool’s manual for cleaning properly. Do not take apart equipment if you have no prior experience. It could cause problems with its functionality when you start using it again. A can of compressed air could come in handy for this job!


There’s a lot of dust that can get into construction equipment given the environment it’s used in. That’s why lubricating any moving parts is essential to avoiding quicker deterioration. You might also need some special tools for lubricating certain equipment. Here’s a guide to picking the correct lubricant: 3 indicators of a good construction machinery lubricant

Battery maintenance

Aside from the maintenance of your construction tools, battery life matters just as much. It will require the same process of maintenance checking and cleaning to ensure no debris slips in. Aside from avoiding debris, you have to avoid any moisture that could build up on the surface. Overcharging your batteries could cause issues with starting the machine while not using a battery for an extended amount of time could also cause issues with starting up. This also goes with generators that need to be checked from time to time to ensure their functionality. 

Store your construction tools properly

Depending on your location and its environment, your tools may need to be stored with certain precautions like a dehumidifier in a humid atmosphere or a heated room in cold areas. Again, the manufacturer’s advice is best to follow. A good rule of thumb is to avoid environments that would cause rust or breakage in the foundation.

Orient any new users

When lending your tools to someone else or working within a team, it’s never smart to assume they know what they’re doing. Have an orientation with that person or group of people and make sure they understand how to use the equipment properly. You should also supervise until you are confident in their use of the equipment. 

Maintaining the functionality of your construction tools is a must for every handyman/woman. It is more than just prolonging the life of your tools but also of ensuring your safety and those around you.

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