How to Safely Handle Power Saws

Apr 26, 2021 | 0 comments

Ever seen one of those serial killer movies? Well, one of their popular killing tools is saws! Now that is one good example of a badly mishandled power tool. Handling saws is not easy and there are numerous hazards that come with it. If not used in a proper way, it might prove risky to you and the other people working with you too. When you’re a DIY guy, or someone who is working in construction, it is always wise for you to know how to safely handle power saws.

There are handheld saws, and the ones we call “power saws”. Handheld saws are one of the most common. It is operated manually by the worker to cut a piece of construction material. Meanwhile, a power saw is engine-generated which requires less effort in cutting materials. Anyhow, keep in mind that these power saws also entail different variations for different uses. 

According to Fine Power Tools, here are 15 different kinds of power saws:

  1. Table Saw 
  2. Circular Saw 
  3. Mitre Saw
  4. Chop Saw
  5. Radial Arm Saws
  6. Chain Saws
  7. Reciprocating Saws
  8. Jigsaws
  9. Band Saws
  10. Scroll saws
  11. Panel Saws
  12. Rip Saws
  13. Track Saws
  14. Tile Saws
  15. Flooring Saws

Refrain from wearing loose clothing or jewelry

You will be working closely with this machine and you yourself will be operating it. A power saw may stand still but that doesn’t mean you should be complacent. This revolving cutter is armed with sharp steel that can easily cut through stuff, especially clothes. For a first-timer, it is advisable not to wear loose clothing or jewelry since it can easily get snagged. We don’t want your precious belongings getting ripped to pieces. 

Make sure blades are polished and sharp

Its revolving steel makes it easy for the saw to cut through thick construction materials, even metal itself! The rapidly spinning steel is the soul of the machine. A saw wouldn’t be a saw without it. Therefore, before any project, the blades must always be checked. Dull blades will only contribute to poor outputs. Not to mention, it’s going to eat up time if it doesn’t cut properly and get the job done. Polished blades make it easier to cut through tough construction materials. 

Read the instructions! 

When knowing how to safely handle power saws, one must never underestimate the power of the instruction manual! As mentioned above, there is not just one type of saw. Although they all have the similarity of cutting through tough materials, there are different kinds of saws with different functions. Safely handling power saws is also knowing how to use them. 

Focus! Keep your eye on the goal

There might be a lot of distractions concerning a construction workplace. Keep in mind that you will be working on one of the power tools of construction with strong revolving blades. Some of the things you will be cutting will need precision. This will prompt you to get closer to the blades in order to make thorough cuts. Therefore it is very important for you to not take your eye off what you are slicing (or your fingers!). The simplest distractions might injure you and may cause the project delay.

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