Getting to Know Our Hycon Tools and Their Uses

Mar 12, 2021 | 0 comments

An essential instrument in construction, equipment plays a significant role in terms of building establishments. Working with high-end tools is a God sent to our construction workers. It not only makes their work less difficult but also contributes to the quality of their workmanship. One of the best lightweight tools we have in store are the Hycon tools. Founded in 2002, Hycon is a Danish manufacturer and supplier of handheld hydraulic equipment. Get to know more about their lightweight materials that we have in store!

Core Drill

Its main function is to drill perfect circles into concrete. These kinds of equipment are not a stranger when constructing a building’s plumbing and drainage pipes. These kinds of tools are also used for making electrical wiring. This includes phone and cable lines. 

With Hycon’s Core Drill, it provides weight comfortability since it’s less heavy. Moreover, all of its parts are running on oil which promotes longer usage. In addition, it has safety features such as an automatic stop when the core bit jams. The best part is that Hycon’s drill bit is 100% hydraulic with no electrical hazard. It’s even safe to use in wet working conditions, even underwater!

Hycon Tools: Cut-Off Saw

No, this is not the tool that you see in serial killer movies! However it’s a bit similar! Hycon cut off machines are also known as one of construction’s “power tools”. When building these establishments, expect to cut through different kinds of hard objects. They earned that nickname because they have the ability to penetrate through hard materials such as metals, tiles, and concrete.  

In regards to Hycon’s cut off machine, it gives ease for workers to cut hard objects with ease. This type of equipment also has the endurance to be used in all weather conditions may it be in wet surroundings or dusty ones. It is made from high quality materials which makes it have a longer life span.

Handheld Hydraulic Breaker

The total hulk of construction equipment! This one is called to destroy establishments or surfaces where new buildings or roads will be made. Hydraulic breakers are used to pulverize concrete and break hard surfaces. It is mostly saturated during demolition projects which requires hard drilling. Hycon’s rock breakers are said to hit harder than any hydraulic hammer out there. It has a modernized design which only requires 2 moving parts. This allows the equipment to have lower operating costs. Unlike other hydraulic breakers, this one works much quieter than most. 

Hycon Tools: Power Pack

Are you thinking that it’s like a power bank? We know that’s the first thing that popped in your head! Well, it is somewhat similar, however, it does not power simple technologies such as our phones and tablets. It gives power to bigger and badder technologies! The power pack is one of the Hycon tools feature equipment when it comes to construction.

A power pack is a source of energy to power hydraulic equipment. They are motors or hydraulic pumps that use fluid to pass on power from a point A to point B. Moreover, this equipment has the ability to produce huge amounts of energy that can be used to energize charge hydraulic machinery.

With Hycon tools, their hydraulic battery packs are convenient in any construction environment. It can move through rough terrains since it has wheels and handles which makes it easier for construction workers to move around. It’s also user friendly which makes it very easy to understand even for the people who are first timers. 

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