Edging Power Trowel: Betonelli Vs. Master Pac Tools!

Dec 17, 2021 | 0 comments

Want to achieve smoothly laid out concrete? The most convenient way to do this is by the use of edging power trowels or walk-behind trowels. Initially, when you layout concrete in an unfinished establishment, or let’s say an empty lot of sort, the laid concrete won’t be as smooth and needle-straight. However, with the use of edging power trowels, a smooth layout is very achievable. So to say, think of edging power trowels as the finishing tool of every cement layout.

What are the functions of edging power trowels?

Let’s split this up into two parts. Basically, edging power trowels have two types that are categorized as a ride-on power trowels or walk-behind trowels. Both are good in terms of performance, therefore, it all goes down to the convenience of the person who’s going to use it. Here’s a closer look at our trowels…

Ride-on power trowel – A ride-on power trowel has a small space for a man to sit and operate the machine.

Walk-behind trowel – Meanwhile, a walk-behind trowel goes for a more conventional approach. While a ride-on power trowel lets you sit and control the trowel, the walk-behind lets you control the trowel while you walk. 

While both kinds are great, it all just really varies in personal usage.

What’s better? 

Both Betonelli and Master Pac are seasoned brands of power tools, lightweight tools, or even handheld tools. You name it, they have it. These guys have been around for quite some time, so rest assured that their tools have been tried and tested over the years. 

Above all, both brands actually get the job done flawlessly. However, there are a few differences between each brand. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Betonelli Edging Power Trowel 

Flextool Corp actually has three Betonelli trowels available. There are edging trowels, a power trowel, and lastly, a ride-on power trowel. Likewise, as we’ve mentioned above, both brands are seasoned and all of them are great really, but with Betonelli, you would have a lot more choices to really determine which kind fits your project.

Edging/Power Trowel’s best features:

  • Contoured handle for comfort and control
  • Tri-tube welded handles for increased strength
  • Control cables and wires run inside the handle for protection
  • Dual stop systems to increase user safety
  • Impact-resistant aluminum gearbox
  • Tapered main-shaft for a perfect fit with the spider plate
  • Spider plate and trowel arms machined to very fine tolerances

Ride-on Power Trowel’s best features:

  • Heavy-duty gearboxes 24-month guarantee
  • Precision machined spider assemblies to exact tolerances giving minimal wear
  • Strong drive train with tried and tested BLM type clutch
  • Easy positive steering
  • Spray system, adjustable seat, 4 x running lights, engine hour meter all standard equipment
  • Transport dolly for site use 4 Point crane slinging lift points
  • Drink holder

Let’s move on to Master-Pac tools!

You might have seen or heard of this brand if you’re in the construction or industrial industry since it’s one of the most looked after. Likewise, Master-Pac tools are the top brand of small and light construction equipment. Interested? You’re in luck cause Flextool Corp’s got this beauty right under our wing. But first, let’s not forget to take a closer look at its awesome features!

Edging Power Trowel’s best features:

  • Independent rotating flywheel allows operating close to walls and edges.
  • Precision bearings ensure consistent operation of the flywheel.
  • Heavy-duty bronze worm gear for extra long life.
  • Over-built cast aluminum gearbox assures long service interval.
  • Spider assembly features precision alignment, serviceability,  and resistance to application-induced bending or wearing.
  • Chrome-plated foldable handle for easy transportation and storage.
  • Ergonomically belly-cushion comforts for operator’s hip (allows to conveniently push the trowel).
  • Dead-man switch assures operator’s safety and easy control.
  • Twist knob control ensures precise blade adjustment.
  • The closed design of the guard ensures safe operation.
  • The optional Blue blade is with a stronger material than standard blades and, combined with its ability to flex slightly, performance is improved and blade life prolonged.
  • The optional plastic blade leaves no burnish marks on the floor.

Let Flextool Corp be your go-to distributor!

Lightweight equipment is the name of the game and Flextool Corp has all you need and more to finish any sort of project. We hold trusted tools in the construction industry such as Hycon tools, Betonelli, Master Pac, Reed, Ligchine, and Marshalltown. 

These are seasoned brands that have been tried and tested over the years. They have been one of the construction industry’s finest tools and now, Flextool Corp has these legitimate tools under their wing. So if you’re looking for an authorized distributor for lightweight equipment and tools, Flextool Corp is your main guy!