Covid-19 Prevention: How Can A Construction Worker Prevent The Spread Of Corona Virus?

Sep 20, 2021 | 0 comments

Amidst another pandemic surge in the Philippines, construction is still at its most progressive. Unfortunately, because of corrupt government officials and a lack of solid plans to fight the developing covid variants, the Philippines is still deep in the woods. Industries such as construction and carpentry, are forced to take extra Covid-19 prevention methods to protect themselves and to prevent the virus from spreading. 

In light of recent events, this article will lead you into an in-depth knowledge of how construction workers can protect themselves from the virus as well as protecting their co-workers. Although industries such as these do implement strict safety rules, it doesn’t hurt to take extra preventive measures that you can imply on your own.

Get Vaccinated!

As Olivia Rodrigo said, “Getting vaccinated is Good 4 You!”. There are a lot of issues surrounding vaccination and most people are still not open to it. Nevertheless, getting vaccinated takes us one step closer to ending the pandemic and preventing people close to us to contract the virus. There are multiple variations of vaccines and all of them are your defense against Covid. 

Being in construction and working closely with men will get you exposed to possible virus holders. Coming from different walks of life, the people that surround you are also exposed daily to other people by simply commuting to work. Yes, getting vaccinated won’t guarantee you 100% protection from the virus, but it will diminish your chances of getting worse once you contract it. Protecting yourself is protecting others. 

Stay at home when you’re not feeling well.

No buts! Do what’s best for you and for the others around you. When dealing with Covid-19 prevention, you must always be alert in terms of your health. If ever you’re feeling symptoms or you’re simply not feeling well, immediately call your supervisor and advise them that you won’t be able to make it to work. Simple coughs and fevers are often dismissed before the pandemic. However, when we have a fatal virus in our midst, colds should never be dismissed. 

The best solution? Stay at home until you’re feeling a lot better. Drink paracetamols and hydrate yourself daily. Another way of fighting off this pandemic is strengthening your immune system and your body.

Limit contact with other workers.

Construction is about strong teamwork. However, when faced with Covid-19 prevention, contact with workmates should be at a down low. To withhold the spread of possible virus holders, try limiting your contact with other people on the field. If you can, try distancing yourself for at least 6 feet away from the person nearest you. In such cases wherein you need to communicate something to your teammate or supervisor, always practice the correct protocols by wearing your facemasks. 

Disinfect as much as you can.

Another way to prevent the spread of Covid is to disinfect daily. Simply keeping your hands clean can keep the virus at bay. One of the biggest factors that contribute to the spreading of Covid-19 is physical touch and this doesn’t just apply to humans, but also to the things that you hold within the day. 

When working on the field, you’ll be required to use your hands a lot. Whether it be handling tools, power equipment, giving your pal a helping hand, etc. A huge percentage when it comes to construction is touching. This is why you must disinfect daily throughout the day.

Prevent touching eyes, nose, and mouth.

Again, your hands are one of the biggest carriers of the virus. Simply touching a thing that a Covid positive person touches can instantly affect you when you scratch your nose, rub your eyes, or put your hands in your mouth. As much as possible, you should disinfect your hands before touching something and after you touch it. This will work as a prevented measure for you and for the people around you.

We hoped this helped! 

Despite the surge of the pandemic, Flextool Corp is ready to provide the tools you need for your carpentry and construction needs. Keep in mind these helpful tips to provide safety for you and your workmates! The simplest of actions can go a long way.

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