Construction Safety: 5 Important Things You Need Readily Available

Feb 10, 2022 | 0 comments

If there’s a risky place to be, it’s probably a construction site. Inevitability inhabits every minute that you spend in an unfinished establishment. This is why safety officers need to be a hundred percent prepared for any scenario. With this said, we’re counting down to the most important construction safety products that must be present in each and every operation. These are 5 main things that you need to have ready.

Good Lighting

Night construction is done when the project is deemed not safe for people to be around it. In line with this, nighttime also means fewer people and less danger. But it’s not all the advantages it holds, because of reduced risks, this will also improve maximizing productivity.

A well-lighted place is ideal when doing construction at night. It’s a given fact that the word “darkness” and “construction” doesn’t work well together. It’s a simple matter, no light: no work, hence the possible risk for injuries and downtimes. Meanwhile, more light increases the chances of safety in the work environment.  

Sanitizers and Alcohols

Once upon a time, these were optional materials in the construction field. However, in light of our current situation which is the Covid-19 breakout, alcohols and sanitizers are now customary. This is applicable not only to construction sites but to every standing establishment regardless of whether it’s finished or not. 

Having readily available disinfectants can save lives nowadays. If it was not reiterated, time and time again, the virus can be transferred via contaminated surface, touch, and or bodily fluids. And looking at a construction environment, these are aspects that are unavoidable.

General PPE

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is one of many things that must always be implemented. These are the equipment that is built to protect every construction worker’s hands, feet, head, eyes, and body. To say the least, workers should never be allowed on the site without one of these things as it can prevent injuries.

  • Head (hard hats, safety helmets)
  • Eyes (safety glasses, eyewear lanyards)
  • Ears (earplugs, headphones)
  • Face (face shields, respirators, dust masks, welding, and metal pouring masks)
  • Body (safety harnesses, hi-visibility vests, and jackets)
  • Hands (gloves for welding, cut protection, and general protection)
  • Feet (boots)

Fire Protection

One should always be ready for fire escalations. Depending on what you’re working on, some construction equipment is actually flammable, and some even produce sparks. Being in a close-knit environment means that if one is not careful enough, simple sparks may lead to actual running fires. With this said, fire protection should always be readily accessible. This is one of the crucial construction safety products that must always be present in construction projects. 

First Aid Kit 

This is probably one of the most common yet vital construction safety products that always need to be present together with emergency numbers. A first aid kit will come in handy if there are emergencies on the field that needs immediate tending. Instead of waiting for a couple of minutes, you can make immediate tending with the use of first aid kits.

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