Construction and Carpentry: 7 Most Dangerous Power Tools

Sep 8, 2021 | 0 comments

They are efficient, they are durable, and they can get the job done faster. Those are three of the star qualities of power tools that makes them very popular in the construction and carpentry department. Nevertheless, despite their great performance on the field, they also pose as hazardous instruments when not handled properly. In a year, there have been many cases of injuries with construction workers ranging from severe to fatal. Most of these accidents actually came from the works of power tools.

Here, we will be discussing the most dangerous power tools in the construction and carpentry industry. We’ll also let you in on some tips on how you can handle these tools properly. After all, early prevention is better than regretting the heavy consequences that follow. Remember, injuries from these tools can end one’s life, or commit them to a life of disability.

Most dangerous power tools in the industry.

  1. Power Nailers

AKA, nail guns or simply referred to as nailers. These tools are powered by spring-loaded and electromagnetic designs. You don’t even have to drill into walls when you have a power nailer in your back pocket. The main purpose of this tool is to fire nails into hard walls, which is very effective, yet dangerous when mishandled. According to Forbes, these things actually send 37,000 people a year to emergency rooms. Ultimately, nailers aren’t that much different from a gun. This tool is can actually fire to kill. So remember to stay alert with your surrounding and watch where you shoot power nailers.

  1. Chainsaws

Not only popular in the construction industry, but you would often find this tool in the main kill scene of movies with thriller and horror genres. However, this tool is mostly saturated to cut through the thick wood, sculpting foliage, turning logs into lumbers, and a lot more. People do not dare to question how hazardous this power tool is. One entry actually mentioned a total number of 36,000 ER cases in a year all because of mishandling of chainsaws.  

  1. Table Saws

So this tool is similar to chain saws but instead, it is placed steadily on a table. Nevertheless, this does not diminish any factor that contributes to how dangerous this tool can be. A table saw is primarily used to cut big pieces of boards into smaller ones. You’ll have to glide the wood across it for it to cut in half. A reported incident actually tells a chilling story on how a table saw snagged and the blade ricochet that left the man fingerless. And he’s not the first one, but apparently, there are at least 29,000 workers who experience injures with table saws.

  1. Circular Saws

We might be getting a lot of saws today, but only because it is truly one of the most hazardous instruments one can handle. Now, circular saws also feature a round sharp edge shaped like a disc that can easily pierce a man’s skin without trying which ultimately makes them even more hazardous. When handling these power tools, one should never be ignorant of his/her surroundings.

  1. Power Drills

Don’t let this friendly-looking tool fool you. If you must know they’re actually more lethal than they look. Power drills are essentially built to puncture into walls and wood. However, these are not only the things they can puncture deep into. These tools are so rugged and strong, that they can actually puncture into human flesh and bones. Reports actually show that these power drills put at least 5,000 people in hospitals within a year.

  1. Woodchippers 

Also known as a tree chipper. The most common use of these hard-core power tools is to break enormous tree trunks into bits and pieces. We’ve probably seen this equipment in one of the gory movies we’re watching. Do we even dare to say the hazards that this power tool entails? Let’s just say that the number of people who’ve experienced the injuries of this giant machine did not live to tell the tale.

  1. Backhoes 

Digging dirt is the main purpose of backhoes. You might have passively gazed upon them at a time or two when you’ve encountered construction sites. So why is it dangerous? Ultimately, these humungous things are greatly unstable. They can easily tip-off. A when the backhoe operator is not careful enough, this machine can actually cause severe damage to the people around. On the flip side, the people working alongside backhoes should provide equal alertness to the one who is operating them.


Simple safety practices can go a long way. Keep in mind that these tools can take one’s life, therefore they should never be taken lightly. Never be dismissive or ignorant when you see something suspicious with the tools or the environment. Attend to your co-workers and do simple things to make you and them feel safe.