Challenging DIY Projects: 5 Projects That Will Level Up Your Skills

Aug 1, 2021 | 0 comments

If you think you’ve done everything, built almost every wooden appliance in your home, then we’ve got one challenging list for you. These are some of the most intricate and heavy-duty DIY projects that you could do in your free time. If you’re a seasoned DIYer, all the better. These five challenging DIY projects will surely level up your “A game” when it comes to outdoor construction. 

Furthermore, we cannot deny the feeling of success after a hard day’s work. These difficult DIY projects will surely leave you feeling accomplished. Additionally, having construction projects (big or small ones) also hold strong benefits when it comes to one’s mind and body. It lets you plan, organize, conceptualize, and it encourages the use of your own strength. Not to mention, it is very cost-efficient. Instead of buying expensive tables and chairs, you could easily procure one at home. Hence, without further ado, here are fire exciting DIY ideas for your next challenging projects!

Outdoor Sheds

These are great storage areas for outdoor equipment. If you’re also into gardening or doing DIY projects, having outdoor sheds are the perfect places to put in your tools. Having one will guarantee a cleaner and more organized space to work in the backyard, garden, or simply an open area. This can be a challenging feat for people who are used to building small things. An outdoor shed is, after all, quite big in size depending on what design you choose. 

Challenging DIY Project: TreeHouse

We all dreamed of having one when we were kids, so why not build one? One of the truly challenging aspects of building a treehouse is that it is simply above ground. And while most DIY projects are built sturdy on the ground, this one will definitely give you a different experience. 

Moreover, getting a personal treehouse also gives out benefits for people who are using it. Not only does it promote physical exercise (cause going up a treehouse is actually trickier depending on the type of ladder or rope you made), but it also picks at your creativity.

Challenging DIY Project: Floating Dock

If you think building a treehouse is difficult, why not try building a DIY project that can float on water? These challenging DIY projects will prove to be equally challenging since you have to be sure that every part of it is secure. There has been a lot of dock construction that has failed over time due to instability and water conditions. Better take note of those, when you’re planning on building a dock!

Potting Bench

A sturdy potting bench can be a difficult project depending on what design you’re doing. There are simple designs and there are complicated ones. The complicated ones are usually the potting benches that have more shelves, hooks, and crannies. Meanwhile, simple ones consist of two layers of wooden shelves.

Challenging DIY Project: Floor to Ceiling Bookshelf

Huge floor-to-ceiling bookshelves are what every book lover dreams of. If your home is full of stacked books, maybe it’s time to install a bookshelf on a wall. While building a simple bookshelf proves to be easier, a whole wall would be a bit challenging even for a seasoned DIY-er.

There you have it! Bring out your tools and your personal protective gear, and let’s get building! For more articles related to construction, see the links below: