7 Essential Tools Every DIYer Must Have!

May 12, 2021 | 0 comments

For all our true born builders out there, how sure are you that you have all the most essential tools you need as a certified DIYer? Well, while you’re here, might as well double-check if you have all you need to build your desired projects! Find out the seven most essential tools a DIYer must have in their toolbox!

Screwdriver set

Ever sat at a table and found it slightly swinging back and forth? Or how about swinging a door and finding it stuck on the ground cause its hinges are loose? It’s a bit of a bother isn’t it. It’s one of those little things that you put off fixing cause you don’t have the right tools. A screwdriver set is one of the certified DIYer must have tools.

Why do screwdrivers come as a set? You’re probably wondering why you can’t just buy one. According to bob vila, there is no such thing as a “universal screwdriver”. Therefore, you would probably need one of each type if ever you come across different types of screws. 

Screwdriver set


Every household needs at least one hammer. A popular tool to use in all fields of construction and not just DIYs. Hammers are considered to be handy to have around. Not to mention a good investment since they do tend to hang around for a long time. 

Why do we need at least one hammer at home though? This is because it’s the most favored tool whenever minor house repairs are at work. Same with the typical DIY projects, it shows to be favorable when building things whether it’s a simple birdhouse, a greenhouse, or just simply installing a picture frame. Hammers are definitely deemed as a DIYer must have!

A set of hammers

Tape measure

It doesn’t show often, but size accuracy is also a vital part of building something. This is where a measuring tape comes in handy. Similar to the hammer, you at least need to have one lying around (but please keep them in the toolbox!). Just imagine buying a piece of wood that’s one inch bigger than the size it’s supposed to be, isn’t it frustrating? Not to mention, that’s actually additional work for you. If the sizing is wrong, it affects the entire quality of the finished product.

Tape Measure

Set of pliers

Think of pliers as an extension of your hands (or fingers). They have powerful metal clamps that are good for cutting and bending. One of the essentials of every DIYer, pliers can work with loose screws, tightening bolts, holding objects to gain more stabilization, or even removing pins and nails. Handy isn’t it? Then again, pliers are not the same kind. Similar to the screwdriver set, each kind has its own function and purpose.

Kinds of pliers:

  • Slip-Joint Pliers
  • Water Pump Pliers
  • Linesman’s Pliers
  • Locking Pliers
  • Needle-Nose Pliers

Adjustable wrench

A tool box is not complete without it! An adjustable wrench comes in handy in a lot of areas. If you’re a grease monkey and like to put in work on your own car, an adjustable wrench will come in useful. Have loose furniture bolts? A wrench is just what you need.  Having trouble with plumbing? An adjustable wrench is your answered prayer!


Duct tape

Yes, you read it right! One of our DIYer must have is the trusty duct tape! Nothing is handier than having a duct tape inside your toolbox. Well, the use of duct tape is not actually in the production process itself, but rather, it comes to the rescue in such cases that there are small mishaps. Duct tapes have extreme stickiness and durability that can hold holes for a long time. Need to hide something? Since duct tapes have excellent adhesive abilities, they can probably hold multiple mugs up under the table!

Duct tape

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