6 Handcrafted Projects Perfect for Valentine’s

Feb 4, 2022 | 0 comments

As we enter February, we are also entering the month of love. Chocolates, dates, and gifts once again fill the air. And what’s sweeter than chocolates? It’s usually the small handmade things that we make for our loved ones. If you’re not a certified handyman, worry not, these are simple handcrafted projects that anyone can do. Nothing like a product of hard work to melt the heart of the one you’re giving to. So, here are our top suggestions for your handcrafted gift this Valentine’s!

Mini Frame Magnets

This is a good remembrance to your loved one. A Mini Frame Magnet is a great gift for those who like treasuring memories. Plus, it’s a fun thing to see hanging on your refrigerator. You can choose the best photos you have with each other and put them in a frame! It doesn’t have to be extensive. Actually, a bottle cap (like the one in the picture) can also work. In light of magnets, you can easily purchase one in a hardware store or in DIY shops.

Wooden Coasters

A classy way to decorate tables is by using an ultra-modern coaster. One of these is the wooden coasters. Ideally, this is perfect for your nitty-gritty friends who have a knack for keeping things aesthetically pleasing in the house. In terms of the creation side, this can actually be done manually (meaning a simple DIY project) or you can buy it in stores. 

If you want it to look a bit more creative, then why not throw in some paint? You can even draw something that strongly symbolizes your relationship!  

Hand Painted Mugs

This one’s sure to be a coffee lover pleaser. There’s nothing that screams specially handcrafted than a hand-painted mug. If your loved ones like drinking hot coffee (or any liquids in general) then a go-to gift is a mug. How to make it extra special? Personalize it with an empowering phrase or some special words that the two of you hold dear. In this case, every time he/she is taking a swing of his/her favorite drink, there’s no doubt that you’ll be crossing their mind. 

A Phone or iPad Holder

Wooden phone stands prove to dominate as we further move into a minimalist/modern society. Nothing transcends simplicity and effectiveness like a compact wooden phone stand that has multiple uses for phones and iPads. For a certified bob-the-builder, you might not even break a sweat for this one. A piece of wood and some simple woodcutting skills can go a long way with this one! Again, to make it more special, add in his/her name and make it personalized.

Hanging Plant Holder

For the plant moms and plant dads, the perfect gift would ultimately be a hanging plant holder! You wouldn’t need a lot for building this one. Ideally, you’ll only need a pot, some ropes, and some mad knot skills for this one! To add in a little sweetener, why not already fill the pot out with soil and plant in his/her favorite seeds while you’re at it. This might sound cheesy but hey, it’s Valentine’s day! What could go wrong?

Hanging Cork Board 

We’re all suckers for memories especially things that trigger our emotional side, and Valentine’s is the perfect celebration to make that happen. A corkboard full of special memories such as photos and sweet messages can definitely tug on the heartstrings. But it’s not only for show. In the long run, the corkboard will prove to be useful for posting reminders and important documents.

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