5 Smart Tips To Keep Your Tools From Rusting

Apr 6, 2022 | 0 comments

As they say, a little tender loving care can go a long way and this also applies with tools. Rusting of tools can be a sign of age and wear. But there are ways how we can prevent them from happening, or rather, prolong their life a little longer. Most people tend to have a misconception that once tools rust, they already have to be replaced. But, this shouldn’t be the case. Tools, in general, are very resilient things and are not broken that easily. So today, we’re going to let you in on five tips to keep your tools from rusting.

What causes tools to rust?

It all depends on how you store it, how you polish it, and how you keep it in neat condition. But the question still remains, what are the elements that are causing tools to rust? It is not just old age that’s causing them to have that brown sandy texture (although that is a significant factor). But, it is actually the storage area that makes the rusting significant. 

When tools are not in use, this causes them to be stored a lot in tools boxes or in tool cabinets. And sometimes, these areas are more prone to being humid or wet, especially for long periods of time. These two factors give out the majority of why our tools rust. This is why it is highly ideal for us to place them in a cool dry place.

How to prevent your tools from rusting.

The number one enemy of tools is rust. It affects their performance, efficiency, and technically it also signals wear of the tool. There are a hundred ways how we can tell you to care for your tools, but what we’re going to highlight here is the most ideal ways how you can do it to prevent rusting. 

1 Use Them Regularly

The most simple solution to rusting is to simply use your tools. You see, your tools are made for action. The more they sit around your garage, the sooner they deteriorate. Think of it this way, if you leave your tools lying around a lot, the more they can contract dust and moisture. Ideally, this will expose them to rust a lot more than you think. 

2 Exercise Proper Maintenance

Any kind of tool is prone to be exposed to the harshest environment, may it be in construction, a DIY project, or simply just tinkering in the garage. With this said, expect that your tool might come out of it jagged, if not doused in oil or sawdust, it might even be wet! Remember, no matter how strong tools are, they are quite vulnerable to natural elements such as moisture, dampness, and humidity. Factors that contribute greatly to making the hardest tools brittle.

3 Lubricate Your Tools Regularly

Rub oil on your tool on a regular basis when not in use or after use. This is necessary especially when you’re using a power tool. Power tools usually have moving mechanisms to make them function. So naturally, when they experience rust, their performance is decreased. To make sure that they’re at the tip of their performance, lubrication and oiling are necessary processes. 

But this doesn’t apply to power tools alone. This will also apply to regular hand tools. Oil and lubrication make the tools somehow immune to harsh environmental elements. Think of it as a thin layer of shield to prevent your hand tool from rusting. 

4 Check For Corrosion or Damage

Don’t wait for highly evident rust to corrupt your tool. It’s also preferred for you to check them in shorter time intervals. After all, you’ll never know when damage and corrosion will start to creep in until you actually look at it closely. If you notice that the rust is starting to form, you can actually eliminate it immediately by scrubbing it off. Better this way than having your tool completely covered in rust. 

Other than rust, it’s also important for you to check your tool for other damages. If you do, however, spot one, it is best you take the necessary steps to fix it immediately before using it again. Minor damages can become bigger ones when not confronted immediately. 

5 Overall, Just Keep It Clean

The easiest way to prolong your tool’s life is to simply keep it clean. Make it a habit to wipe off excess debris and other elements that seems to latch on your tool. Plus, don’t leave them lying around the floor. There’s a big chance they’ll get more dust and acquire rust more easily.

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