5 Much Awaited Construction Projects in 2022

Jan 14, 2022 | 0 comments

No pandemic can stop the growth and innovations of society. When we thought everything’s going at a standstill, you’ll be quite surprised at how resilient people are. Much like doctors are with hospitals, construction workers also hold the spotlight of being front liners in making towering infrastructures. In that regard, let’s see what they have in store for us as we browse through 5 of the much-awaited construction projects around the world this 2022. 

Sydney Modern Project, Sydney, Australia

Construction Project: Sydney Modern Project in Australia

The Sydney Modern Project is one of the construction projects that’s making a buzz in the industry. This project actually consists of a number of buildings. One of them is the Art Gallery of New South Wales. The art gallery will no doubt be a new wonder to the locals. As it’s nearing its 150th Anniversary, the art gallery is not slowing down as it promises more art for the art goers. 

A source from Art Gallery NSF, revealed that the revamped building will likely have more space for art displays. The renovation will actually bring life to a new public art garden, a revitalized historic building with a grand forecourt. To sum it up, this new and improved museum will bring together art, landscape, and architecture in the most remarkable way. 

San Pellegrino Flagship Factory, Bergamo, Italy

Construction Project: San Pellegrino Flagship Factory

The San Pelligrino Flagship Factory will soon hoist the name, “Factory of the Future”. Moreover, This Italian mineral water brand is poised to wow the world with its award-winning architectural design. A definite worth the wait for the locals in Italy, and an exciting new landscape for the watchers of the world.

According to CNN News, the establishment will feature classic Italian architecture. The building will include arcades, porticos, and a spacious piazza for staff and guests. The best part? The factory will be perched between the Brembo river and San Pellegrino Terme. Enchanting doesn’t even describe how this will surely turn out. 

Qorner Tower, Quito, Ecuador 

Construction Project: Qorner Tower in Ecuador

It’s a good year for the plant lovers out there! Apparently, in 2022, we’re going to have a so-called, garden skyscraper/s. These towers are covered in plants and will follow the steps of Milan’s Vertical Garden which is a known phenomenon all over the world. According to CNN, the Qorner Tower in Ecuador is a Jenga tower-like configuration that helps create stacked terraces for trees and plants across two of the tower’s faces. I don’t know about you, but that sounds majestic and we’re not even seeing the real thing yet!

The tower will be 24 stories high when it’s finished. It will be one of the tallest buildings in South Africa. Indeed, this is a wonder waiting to grace the world. 

Fotografiska, Berlin, Germany

Construction Project: Fotografiska in Berlin, Germany

Sources from CNN say that this renovation will need a very gentle touch. This establishment in Berlin is actually 114-years old! Consequently, it even ​​retained some 1990s graffiti left behind by its former residents. Cool right? Anyways, this historic building will turn into a Museum complete with 3 floors! With its rich history lining its walls, this is definitely something to look forward to especially for the art goers. 

According to their official website, “​​Fotografiska ensures that the beloved building will once again be an open cultural center in the heart of Berlin’s Mitte district”. 

Aranya ‘Cloud Center’, Qinhuangdao, China

Construction Project: Aranya ‘Cloud Center’ in China

As stated by a source in CNN, this dainty pebble-like structure, “will comprise a theater and exhibition space, while a series of overhangs create cover for tranquil public spaces.” Definitely, China is taking things to a whole new different level by creating something that looks like a sky. However whimsical as it may sound, expect a very modern design of this magnificent structure. 

As mentioned by Dezeen, “The multi-purpose space will have a low-lying form with angled glazed walls that look out to the surrounding gardens.” But the establishment is said to also have a cafe, an amorphous over-hanging roof, and a low-lying form with angled glazed walls that look out to the surrounding gardens. 

Sandy Hook Permanent Memorial, Newtown, United States

Construction Project: Sandy Hook Permanent Memorial in Newton, United States

The Sandy Hook Memorial in Newton, US is a tribute to a terrible mass shooting in 2012. A tranquil place to be is actually to commemorate those who were lost in the tragedy. The locals decided to have a memorial for the kids who have lost their lives during the mass shooting.

By the looks of it, it’s definitely the kind of place that’s perfect for reflection. It is actually known as “The Clearing” as dubbed by the SWA Group architects. Meanwhile, as stated by CNN, co-designer Daniel Affleck said, “We wanted to acknowledge that the healing process does not end, but continues and grows. And by this year of 2022, locals would finally see the finished output of the said memorial.

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