5 Easy DIY Project Ideas for Beginners

Jun 6, 2021 | 0 comments

Do you have a love for building things? Well, you’re in luck cause we are giving you some amazing DIY ideas. These are a few simple do-it-yourselfers that are easy as one, two, three. If you have a passion for creation but don’t know where to start, these easy projects can surely start you off. You know what they say, you have to learn how to walk before you can learn how to run. Now, these easy DIY project ideas can surely kick start a wonderful experience that can be honed into professional skills.

Build your own coffee station

Okay, before you panic, it’s not as complicated as it sounds. And think about it, a coffee station is every caffeine lover’s dream! Building a coffee station doesn’t mean you’re building an entire coffee house. It is just making room for coffee in the kitchen. When we say these projects are easy we mean it. Now this project needs wood work. You will be making shelves for your coffee materials. After you sanded your wood, punch in the nails and voila, you got yourself a dainty coffee station.

Create a bookshelf

This one’s for your booklover friends, family members, or maybe just for yourself! This crafty idea can also liven up your bedrooms or your living rooms. Also, get ready for more woodwork cause it’s coming your way! Now depending on what you want, you can either choose the complicated one (if you’re feeling like taking on a challenge) or go for an easy type. One thing we’re sure of, is that this DIY project will not be that complicated to build.

However there are things that you might want to watch out for. Make sure that all shelves are straight (we don’t want them falling down). There are materials to ensure you’re pinning them at the right places. It’s also advisable to put them on walls to save space indoors. 

Get creative with front door wreaths

Give your visitors something to admire while waiting outside. On the contrary, this easy DIY project doesn’t mean you should only place wreaths at your front door. It can also act as a decorative piece inside your houses! A fresh taste breaker from the edges and bumps of a household indeed. 

Break the stigma of wreaths only being popular during christmas time! To tell you guys the truth, you could get away with getting a very fashionable looking wreath by just twigs and leaves. Do not underestimate the power of simplicity! Less is always more.

A birdhouse

We know it’s cliche, but trust us, there will certainly be a  feeling of pride and happiness once you see those birds swarming in! A birdhouse is a generic kick starter for every beginner. It sports simple features such as a regular triangular roof and a box bottom. Very uncomplicated isn’t it? However, feel free to spice up this simple DIY project with some complicated designs.

Build an easy entryway organizer

Ever went home with your car keys in one hand, your house keys in the other, and your other hand full of mail? Well, I guess this is a good time to build your own entryway organizer. In this project, you’ll get to deal with hooks and claws. In this way, you would no longer have a hard time holding multiple keys at once, you could simply put them on the hook. Again, this is another DIY project that requires woodwork. An entryway organizer is simple enough to make with a few hooks and shelves. We’ll leave it all up to you how big you want it!

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