5 Building Kits (for kids) That Every Adult DIYer Will Enjoy

Mar 10, 2022 | 0 comments

Who says you’re too old for these super fun DIY kits? Even if they’re designed for kids, make no mistake that adults will surely enjoy these kits as well. These building kits are all the hype for men and women who like to tinker with tools and miniature construction. It is tagged as a “relaxing” activity that can relieve stress and increase productivity. You might think that this is specialized for people solely interested in building things but, in reality, it’s also very doable for people who don’t have much experience. 

The toys of today have definitely leveled up their game in supporting people in their passions. However, these are not only the benefits they hold. 

Benefits of building kits or DIY kits.

It’s not only about fun and play with DIY kits but it also holds numerous benefits for the users. For kids, it helps develop their language skills, cognitive flexibility, engineering skills, motor skills, and creative capabilities. This is why it’s highly encouraged at a young age. Plus, a lot of variations are made for children to really get in there and immerse themselves.

Nevertheless, who says that only kids have benefits when playing with building kits? In reality, it can benefit adults in many ways too. You see, building kits or DIY kits are tagged as a universal toy. Much like legos, adults find building or DIY kits as a stress-relieving activity. 

Other benefits it holds for adults:

  • Improves your mood – you can focus on what you’re building rather than things that are worrying you.
  • Teaches you a new skillset (for people who are new to doing DIY kits) – it encourages you to learn which is a good thing for adults whose routines can be repetitive from time to time.
  • Can boost self-esteem – you are pursuing a new skill and adding it to your expertise, this is something similar to adding a feather on your hat.
  • Have a feeling of accomplishment – nothing can make you feel happier than building something beautiful.
  • Be more active – it motivates you to build something and create something therefore, you are more active because of it.

Magna Tiles

Photo Source: https://www.instagram.com/magnatiles/

It’s not just any ordinary tiles, it’s Magna Tiles. These colorful tiles are shaping every little world that can be made out there. They are originally for children but their buildable nature and their ability to adapt make them enjoyable for adults as well. According to their website, this is originally to encourage children to get familiar with geometric figures however, adults can undoubtedly find themselves immersed in playing with it as well. If you think you can only 

Classic Legos

Photo Source: https://www.instagram.com/lego/

Really, who would pass up on a chance to play with Legos? This toy is already tagged as “classic” and “iconic”. We’re pretty sure you’ve played or seen one in a certain part of your life. It is fairly popular for its ability to make and build different things (like that truck in the picture). The original version of Legos is usually just a bag of spare parts and technically, you create where your imagination takes you. 

Photo Source: https://www.instagram.com/legostoreph/

Nevertheless, by popular demand, Lego soon created something specifically inclined to certain things. These contain more complex creations and building processes than those played by children. This is why adults who have a love for assembling will go over to toy stores to purchase these building kits from Lego.

Branch Blocks

Photo Source: https://www.amazon.com/Guidecraft-Branch-Blocks-Building-Stacking/dp/B078W8PSP2

This is a charming rendition of the Magna Tiles and the Legos. It’s an ingenious way to be environmentally friendly and to have fun with nature herself. The Branch Blocks have the perfect way of combining both. These are literally branches that are strategically shaped and designed for you to build and make stuff. So, for the bob the builders out there, make sure not to miss this one. Other than that, if you’re pro for nature then better have yourself a set. 

Most people would always opt to purchase heavy plastics because they are tagged as more “durable” however, you can never beat the refreshing aura of nature-made toys.


These magnetic stacking sets are (again) for kids, but who says grown people can’t enjoy them as well? They are magnetic, wooden, and colorful. Tegu has different sorts of blocks that can be handy for any individual. Its magnetic feature lets you build different structures that will surely immerse you to make more. Any person who’s fond of building can immediately be taken by this simple building kit.

Lil Haven

Photo Source: https://lilhaven-ph.com/

A truly enchanting building kit that will surely leave you wanting more. It doesn’t just come with one design but it comes with various house designs and sets! A fan of the hit sitcom F. R. I. E. N. D. S? Lil Haven has something special in store for you! You can now build one of your own and have your “little haven” of the infamous coffee shop where the gang usually sits.

If you’re not keen on the sets you see in movies, worry not because you have plenty of house designs from Japanese houses, to restaurants, gardens, cake shops, coffee shops, and a whole lot more! Try visiting one of their physical branches, we’ll guarantee that you’ll have a hard time choosing because everything just absolutely looks so good.

Nevertheless, don’t underestimate its adorable nature, even if it is for the kids to admire and love, building them takes a whole lot more precision and a lot of patience. Lil Haven houses take their building kits into extreme details that are very realistic and that’s what makes them so good to look at.

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