4 Things You Need To Consider Before Building A Container Van Home

Mar 4, 2022 | 0 comments

It’s trendy, cost-effective, and contemporary. Building your own container van home can be a dream. But before taking any action plans, you may want to consider some of these things before actually living in one. A fun fact about these homes is their growing popularity to the public. Many people nowadays are looking for more conventional ways of living and one of them is the container van home.

These days, mobile homes come in different forms. You may know them by the name of mobile camping, container vans, huts, or floating houses. It’s been all the rage recently and people are clamoring to actually stay in one of these fabulous spaces. The industrial side of things really is stepping up their game in regards to beautifying spaces. So if you’re thinking of investing in an aesthetically pleasing container van home, you may want to take some of these things into consideration.

Ask yourself how much space you want.

A container van’s standard size is usually rectangular and elongated. So, for you to actually live in one, you have to determine how much space you want because it needs to be cut apart and put together to match the shape and space you want for your home. So before committing to living in a container van, asking yourself how much space you want is one of the things you must settle before making any action plans. 

Budget, Budget, Budget!

Allot a budget for the construction project. Yes, we did say it was cheap but like every construction project, it’s bound to burn some of your hard-earned cash. So better allot a budget for construction and the other things that your container van will entail. Remember that the construction is only one part of the project, there will still be the interior part of things. 

So budget, budget, budget! We know it seems like an easy undertaking, but it will require a lot of work. Take note that there are existing container van home projects in the Philippines so it won’t totally be something alien to build.

Find a container van with a good metal structure.

Make sure your home is standing with good bones. Container vans usually carry heavy loads before becoming houses in general. For that matter, it’s always a smart move to choose the best one. But don’t worry, container vans are tougher than they look. However, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. To give you an idea, vying for a container van in a condition to at least be “habitable” is the most ideal choice. 

One of the important things you should check when choosing a container van is if it’s starting to corrode. If it is, treat it properly before making use of it.

Find very good contractors.

Considering that your container van is not readily built (well, some parts of it), you have to hire very good contractors to get the job done. Take note, try finding contractors that have knowledge in building or constructing container van houses (yes, we have these in the Philippines now). This part matters because you are building something that needs to withstand time, different weather, and a lot more. Container van construction is fairly new to us, but it is something that it is definitely flourishing in the industrial part of things.

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