Beautifying a home takes more than just paint and good shelf ornaments. And as we are all on the cusp of entering a new year, what better time to try new interior designs than now? As constant as time is, design trends and ideas are one of the fast-evolving things in the world. So if you’re buying a new space or a new home perhaps, then you might just want to tune in to this article for the much-awaited interior design trends that are sure to pop up in the next year, 2023!

1 Sustainable home

A more organic approach to homes is becoming a thing for new and young homeowners. Home experts predict that a wave of sustainable homes is going to make a big hit in 2023. We can expect designs that are more in tune with nature. There will be a big use of synthetic materials, organic paint, and design structures that are built for serenity. 

Gone are the heavy and brick-ish structures of traditional houses, rather slowly but surely, people are opting for a more minimalist approach. There will no doubt, be more wooded textures and natural lighting involved in regard to the design trends this 2023. This will surely be a breath of fresh air for new homeowners as they will be surprised with whimsical yet straightforward design options.

2 Holistic designs

Designs that take into account the person, his/her personality, the environment, and just simply taking into account the person’s wholeness will be a big thing in 2023. More and more, people tend to make their space their own (if you know what we mean). Ideally, this means that people will create spaces that make them feel happier, healthier, and more productive in their own homes.

The best way to put this is, the person will no longer adjust to the space, but rather, it is the space that is going to mold for the person’s benefit. So to say, expect a deeper meaning behind the relationship between home, health, and happiness. So say, design decisions will rely heavily on homeowners and their personal taste which mirrors peace and tranquility.

3 Rich hues

It seems like dark colors are on the rise for next year. In 2023, we can expect more rich tones to grace homes rather than pastel and light colors. Get ready for some rich browns, greens, and reds to make their debut. Looking back, there has been a peak in nude shades sometime this year, but for the next year, people are looking for bolder colors. 

As a matter of fact, it’s already been set by Pantone as early as now. Recently, the color experts revealed the much-awaited color of the year, resulting in Raspberry Blush. The color exudes an exotic aura; fearlessness; and boldness. Fitting, right?

4 Multi-purpose interiors

Let’s put it this way… A bedroom can also work as an informal office, a kitchen can be an entertainment room, and a living room can also work as a dining table. Modern times have made rooms more functional or in this case, “multi-purpose”. These types of setups are highly in-demand these days as they are perfect for compact rooms as well. So, if you’re living in a condo unit or a small dainty apartment, you might want to explore your options on what you can make do with your interior ideas.

5 Natural lighting

We’re guessing that people will be big on creating more breathy and natural atmospheres in their homes. Along with this comes natural lighting. Gone are the days when homes feel like a box with only a lightbulb as a source of light. Now, people are more partial to having fewer lightbulbs and are more to have big windows that can provide light. 

As a matter of fact, this can actually become more helpful in the long run since it may have the tendency to lower electricity bills. So really, new homeowners are not only about giving an exotic touch to their homes but rather, they also see things in a more practical approach.

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