Have you noticed that your saws aren’t cutting straight enough? And no, the problem might not be you anymore! As a matter of fact, there might be underlying factors that are affecting your saw’s cutting abilities. It’s already common knowledge that saws are powerful tools in construction and can mostly cut through tough materials. Therefore, it is of vital importance that they can cut straight in order to meet the quality needs required for the job. Today, let’s see the five reasons why your saws are not cutting straight!   

1 Using poor form 

If you think pushing a hunk of wood through a saw is fairly easy, then believe us when we say that it’s much more difficult than you think. Even tenured people can still have a bit of difficulty in perfecting cuts with saws. But one of the secrets to achieving good straight cuts is all in the form. Yes, sometimes it’s no longer the machine that has troubles, but it’s your form while cutting. 

Additionally, having the right form in woodworking can also benefit you more in terms of safety. There’s less kickback from the blade if you have the right form. A pro tip? Just keep the wood flat on a tabletop.

2 Blade Alignment

As sturdy and durable as your saw may look, over time, they are still susceptible to wear down. In such cases that they do, this will also impact their alignments. As a result? Uneven cutting lines! So if your saws are feeling a bit loose around the edges, then you might want to have that checked or realigned for safety purposes. But there are other ways how you can prevent misalignment from happening. There are actually in-built indications from your saws for you to know if misalignment is already taking place. 

3 Warped blade

Saws can cut through from the softest of materials to the toughest of them. You can make thin cuts, thick slices, and other types of cuts in general. Keep in mind that there are also corresponding blades to use when you’re using undergoing these cutting techniques. So, in such instances that you’ve used the wrong blade then your blade might have a tendency to get warped. And expect that a warped blade might not give you the straight cuts that you want. 

4 Chain is loose

Make sure that the chains have a snug fit on the bar. There will be some instances that your chainsaw’s chains will be too loose to cut straight. So, if you’re cutting on something, make sure sure that your chains are tight to make the cuts more accurate and straight. 

5 Chain is not sharpened properly 

If your saws are not cutting straight, then there’s a possibility that your chain might be too dull to even cut. A sharp chain can make cutting easier and faster. You won’t even need much effort to make straight cuts as it can glide through hard materials smoothly. 

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