Believe it or not, the simplest of slips and falls can lead to more tragic results. The last thing you want to happen is for someone to make a fatal mistake during construction projects. Although mistakes cannot be helped, there are a few good ways to avoid them. This is why safety measures and attires are always required in construction zones. Remember, aside from the fact that deadlines are needed to be met, you are still the most important asset on the field. With this said, take note of these seven deadly mistakes in construction.

1 Slipping on scaffolding

Crossing through scaffolding is like performing death-defying acts every time. Scaffolding is relatively uneven and narrow. Construction workers use it to go from point A to point B. They are relatively dangerous to cross because of the lack of support and protection you have, however, experienced men and women in construction know the best way to approach scary-looking scaffoldings.

2 Falling debris

Since there is a lot of fixing happening in construction, expect a lot of falling debris when you go about your unfinished construction project. If all things go south, big chunks of debris might hit you in the head. And, if you’re not wearing your hard hat, then this might cause a detrimental effect on your health and well-being. 

Ideally, this is where the importance of putting on safety gear comes in, most especially hard hats. Therefore, one must never neglect to wear his/her safety gear for unfortunate circumstances like this.

3 Mishadlement of gadgets

Construction workers, especially newbies, can easily mishandle construction and power tools. This is potentially dangerous for the other workers since mishandling gadgets can prove to be dangerous to the project and to other people working closely with you. This is why it’s always so important to take training seriously. Additionally, it’s also necessary for workers to get extensive training if they’re going to handle power tools. 

4 Working at heights

It’s you, a harness, and the height of a thousand feet below. One small misstep can mean you hanging for your life! One of the deadly mistakes in construction is working on construction heights when you’re not in the condition to do so. Dealing with heights is a part of the work to be done. So, if you’re working in construction, expect to cross a lot of scaffoldings, and ladders, and prepare to climb on the roof on a daily basis. 

5 Electricity

Unfinished buildings can have numerous electrical wiring going around. Ideally, this can also pose as a safety hazard to people working in construction since they can be prone to electrocution. This is exactly why electricity needs to be hidden and covered at all costs (and we don’t mean in construction alone). Take note that exposure to electrical live parts can be fatal to one who makes contact with it. 

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