If you’re wondering what mortars are, they are the grey cement we see that’s ideally gluing bricks together. Did you know that there are different kinds of mortar mix types to choose from? Plus, there are different kinds of applications for each mortar mix. Each kind of mix is marked with a letter. See them here below…

  • N mortar mix
  • O mortar mix
  • S mortar mix
  • M mortar mix

In light of choosing the right mortar mix, you first need to determine the kind of project you’ll be working on. What kind of materials are you gluing together? What kind of environment is it staying at, and generally things like that. Once you have those kinds of questions answered, then you’re now ready to choose the right mortar mix for you. 

Take note that mixing your mortar is a significant step in the process.

It’s as simple as putting everything together and mixing it. Take mixing mortar as one of the important steps in the entire process. Remember that mortars will be the ones responsible for holding an entire establishment or building together.  With this said, you need to have a solid and sturdy foundation to build. 

This is where mortar mixing comes into play. Mix it well to make sure it’s combined thoroughly, Keep in mind that you’ll be mixing foundation between bricks, concrete blocks, stones, and other masonry materials. So make sure that whatever ingredient you put in that bucket, you’ll be able to mix it well. Good mixing equals good foundations for whatever you’re planning on building. 

Different Types of Mortar Mix

Let’s see the four main types of mortar mixes. Knowing the types of mortar to mix can let you easily identify which one you need! Take note of the specifications of each mortar mix. Each of the four mixes specializes in something whether it’s used for piling up bricks, patios, or even driveways. Here, you’ll be able to determine the best type of mortar to use in your projects.

Type N mortar mix

If you’re doing projects that are going to be under the sun a lot, then you might want to consider using a type N mortar mix. This kind of mortar can stand severe weather and high heat temperatures which makes them all the more durable. Moreover, this is also great to use for soft stone masonry and is useful for above-grade, exterior, and interior load-bearing installations. If you’re a homeowner who is keen on renovating a few parts of your home then consider using a Type N mortar mix.

Best used for…

  • Above grade
  • Exterior
  • Interior
  • Load bearing
  • Soft stone masonry

Type O mortar mix

This type of mortar mix is best suited for repair work. However, if you’re planning on using this mortar mix in tough and harsh surroundings, then you might want to consider other options. Type O mortar mix may be a bit low on structural capacity so it better not be placed in places that tend to have harsh environments such as strong winds.

Best used for…

  • Above grade
  • Interior
  • Non-load-bearing

Type S mortar mix

This is suitable for many types of projects since this type of mortar mix exhibits high-tensile bond strength. With this said, they are also great to be used in below-grade construction since this mortar mix is considered to withstand soil pressure, wind, and seismic loads. This type of cement mix is often used in projects surrounding severe weather elements and conditions. 

They can be applied to…

  • Masonry foundations
  • Manholes
  • Retaining walls
  • Sewers
  • Brick patios
  • Walkways

Type M mortar mix

Similar to the Type S mortar, this mix can also exhibit strength when it comes to being placed in tough environments. They are usually used in below-grade applications, foundations, retaining walls, as well as driveways. However, there is also a downside to this mix as it demonstrates poor adhesion and sealing properties. As a result, it is not much advisable if you’re going to work on exposed applications. But don’t get us wrong, this mix has strength similar to stone! So they are considered to be very durable still.

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