A Victorian house is one of the most popular architectural designs even now in the 21st century. This design originated from the prestigious reign of Queen Victoria. Above all else, it was because of her victorious reign that Victorian houses are hailed as one of the classic architectural designs in history. Furthermore, to give you a quick overview, a classic victorian house exudes charm and elegance, and in all honesty, it looks like a modern-day castle! This is one of the few things that draws people to victorian houses. 

With this said, let’s see the elements of what makes a Victorian house prominent. These elements are almost always present in every Victorian house. So, if you’re planning on copping or investing in one, make sure that they have these five recognized elements of what makes a Victorian house. 

1 Towers and Turrets

As we’ve mentioned above, victorian homes look very castle-like. So don’t be surprised that one of their most distinguished elements is towers and turrets. People after all, in the 1800s and 1900s are known to live a very opulent life. This era is known for lavish parties, debutantes, and expensive art. Additionally, people were living a very fairytale kind of life. Towers and turrets represent this kind of lifestyle.

2 High ceilings

Victorian houses are known for their steep corridors. Therefore, to make an illusion of wider hallways, high ceilings are mostly used to make up for them. Also, houses like these are perfect for chandelier lighting. What makes a chandelier more enticing is hanging it high up on the ceiling. In addition, high ceilings add to the grandeur of the place. And make no mistake, Victorian architecture is made to impress.

3 Decorative woodwork

Intricate details are a style staple in every Victorian home. Again, lavish style and rich taste are the height of this architectural design. People spare no expense in showing off their riches even to the tiniest detail. Therefore, one of the iconic features of a Victorian house is having intricate woodwork. Therefore, even if it’s only miniature details, it still represents a rich house. And make no mistake, Victorian houses are the architectural design that speaks for it.

4 Two-storey or three-story

Victorian houses are never one-story houses. They are always two or three. Again, this design goes back to the 1800s when lavish parties were held. Party-goers usually stay at the host’s home. Ideally, one-story houses cannot hold that many people. Therefore, an authentic design of Victorian architecture will always be two or three floors. 

5 Ornate staircases 

A very prominent feature is a Victorian house’s staircase. Going back, these staircases are made to introduce prominent people. And what more to add glamour than entering and walking down a grand staircase? They are usually propped up in the middle of a room or placed in front of a stained glass window. 

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