Mixing concrete can be a more complex task than you might expect. It’s not simply mixing mud and water together, but as a matter of fact, concrete ingredients are much more complicated. Mixing them together, on the other hand, can also become a tedious chore for people working in construction or just simply having DIY projects. Luckily, there are methods that you can use to make the job easier for you and for the project. 

Importance of mixing concrete…

Concrete is the foundation of every building structure and residential area you see outside. They are the core of the many towering buildings, bridges, malls, and a whole lot more. And to build magnificent structures like the ones we see today, it all boils down to mixing good and solid concrete. That is how important mixing concrete is. 

Consider mixing concrete as a work of art. It can be difficult to get it right at first, but the outcome of the product can be worth it. 

Characteristics of a properly mixed concrete.

It’s of general knowledge that concrete merely looks like a dull, dry, grey color but it’s actually that color that we may know if it’s properly mixed or not. However, according to GharPedia, there are other ways to know whether your concrete is properly mixed. 

  • Concrete should be of uniform color.
  • All concrete materials like cement, fine aggregates, coarse aggregates, and water should be homogeneously mixed.
  • Cement paste should cover the surface of the aggregate.
  • Segregation or bleeding of concrete should not occur after the concrete mixing.

Take note, if your concrete does not meet any of these specifications, then you might be doing something wrong. Improperly mixed concrete can be detrimental to the quality of your project as it might not solidify. And this alone is bad for your project and such.

What are the different types of mixing concrete?

There are actually three main ways how you can mix concrete. But keep in mind that it will still depend on your projects and what it entails. If you’re working on bigger projects then it might be wiser to do bigger mixing methods. Going back, here are the top three ways how you can properly mix concrete to make the foundation of your building project last a lifetime!

1 Hand Mixing Concrete

For those of you who are wondering, you’re not literally dipping your hand into the concrete! Don’t forget to use a spatula for this one! In regards to the process of mixing concrete manually, manpower is truly saturated during the process. This method is usually used in small projects wherein lesser concrete is needed. Renovation projects, fixing cracks, or filling up little potholes are just the tip of the iceberg. 

However, beware special care efforts in mixing concrete might need to take place now more than ever. A key thought to remember is uniformity in movements until you see favorable results.

2 Machine Mixing

This method is used in bigger projects such as building infrastructure, residential homes, and other projects too. Saturating concrete mixing machines can be a big advantage since it is already programmed to mix concrete with the right consistency. Machine mixing is preferred in big projects for the reason that it saves time, it saves energy of manpower, and it also makes the work a lot easier than hand-mixing concrete. 

3 Ready Mix Concrete

Yes, there is such a thing as ready-mix concrete nowadays. Let’s say that you need concrete now and asap, then rest assured that you can now have them. Trucks and other means of transportation will be provided for you to have your concrete. This is actually the fastest and easiest way for you to prepare your concrete. So in such cases that you’re rushing with your project (take note that concrete mixing also takes a while) and have no time to wait for concrete to be made, then why not opt for having ready-made concrete?

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