Which is which and what is better? Construction tools usually have a lot of types and variations and Hydraulic Breaker don’t fall short in having differences as well. To give you a brief background on what hydraulic breakers do, they usually specialize in the demolition department or if you want to destroy something in general. 

So, in regard to their types, you would want to choose one that best fits your project. Today, we’re going to discuss the pros of the two types of hydraulic breakers which are the top side and the side type. Both have equal purposes but can benefit your project in different ways.

What are hydraulic breakers used for?

As we’ve mentioned above, hydraulic breakers are usually saturated when your project consists of breaking and demolishing. Its pointy end makes it a viable tool to break down stubborn concrete with ease. Think about it, if you’re planning a big renovation project or rather one that requires breaking down walls, it might take you a while to take it all down with the use of hand-held tools.

This is why these tools are one of the biggest must-haves in the construction industry because of their power to break through the most stubborn materials. So, if you have anything that’s for breaking and demolishing, consider having a hydraulic breaker for more convenient demolishing purposes. 

They are helpful for…

  • Demolishing buildings
  • Breaking or clearing up roads and pavements
  • Breaking hardened ice layers
  • Crushing or breaking down larger materials
  • Mining
  • Trenching

Benefits of using hydraulic breakers

Hydraulic breakers are beneficial to projects in many ways. Making the work easier is just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s take a closer look at how hydraulic breakers are making demolition projects a walk in the park.

  • Efficiency at its finest
  • Saves a lot of manpower
  • Does not cause much fuel
  • Less noise pollution
  • Reduced risks

These are ways (but not limited to) on how a hydraulic breaker can make work so much easier for you. 

The perks of using a side-type hydraulic breaker

A side-type hydraulic breaker is more flexible in reaching different project conditions. They are usually mounted on excavators, backhoes, skid steers, mini-excavators, and stationary plants. Overall, they are beneficial to use in terms of their length, convenience, and ease of maintenance and dismantlement.

The perks of using a top-type hydraulic breaker

Top hydraulic breakers also come in the name “side plate type”. They derived from that name because of how its inner body is structured by two fixed side plates. Unlike the side plate hydraulic breaker, the top type works directly on the concrete material. This makes it more advantageous than the side type.

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