Fill your weekends with colors! If you’re looking for an easy and fun DIY paint activity over the weekend then we’ve got one hell of a list for you. Why not give portions of your home a nice pop of color? It could be anything, really and it doesn’t need to be an extravagant project. You can paint over little things that can give your room a jazzy feel or simply a nice colorful touch. Let’s take a closer look at the choices you can paint over the weekend!

1 Vintage furniture makes a great muse for a pop of color.

The combination of classic old furniture and fun colors is always something so fun and stylish to look at. So if you have old and dated furniture, don’t throw them away just yet! Why not try coloring them a nice citrusy yellow or a hot barbie pink? From a piece of wallflower furniture to a gripping sight to behold in rooms. Not bad for a paint upgrade, huh?

2 Take it to the ceiling.

Paint ideas have no limitations in this day and age. Why stop at furniture and walls when you can try painting the ceiling? This will be something different and new to see since people are usually so used to having a pop of colors in furniture and walls. Painting your ceiling, however, is another different feature altogether.

3 Chalkboard paint.

A creative idea that never fails to please people is chalkboard paint. There is just something so inviting with big walls that you can write on so why not have one of your own? It’s not a pop of color but its interactiveness of makes up for the lack of color. But not totally, remember that a big chalkboard wall is an invitation for art as well. This can also be a chance for you to unleash your creative side and design the chalkboard with fun letterings and colorful drawings.

Moreover, this can also be a great alternative for people who don’t know what kinds of paint to choose. Why settle for one that can offer you a little something more?

4 Make your door make a fun first impression.

Do you think people are the only ones that can make a first impression? As a matter of fact, doors can also make a good first impression with a nice pop of color. Painted doors are actually popular in western countries rather than places with tropical climates. So why not consider painting your door a nice fun shade? No doubt it’ll make a fun first impression on those who are entering! Really though, it’s not every day we see a painted door with bright colors. So why not try it?

5 Paint your dresser a nice color.

Do you have a dressing table at home? Why not give your bedroom a nice hue of something different by painting your dresser a pop of color? It will definitely turn out to be a good style statement in rooms whether it be in bedrooms or maybe drawers in your living rooms. This will be a fun and easy painting that you can probably do in a day!

6 Accent walls all the way!

One of the most classic paint jobs you can do is add an accent wall in your rooms. If your rooms are feeling a little bit too bleak and creamy, painting one corner of the wall will lively up the surroundings. 

7 Paint the bathrooms too.

Most paint jobs usually stop at rooms and furniture painting. But why not give your bathrooms a pop of color too? Usually, most bathroom colors can be able to 

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