For someone who’s used to the city, don’t you ever wonder how those tall buildings get cleaned? Or are they even cleaned at all? If you clean your house interior every day or at least once a week, you should also pay attention to cleaning the building exterior. But why do we even clean it anyway?

Why clean a building’s exterior?

It’s such a tedious task, to begin with. Not to mention – even scary. If you’re wondering why we even need to clean a building’s exterior, here are the reasons why.

1.  Increase the appeal of the building

Before we appreciate the interior of the building, we first see the building from the street. We refer to that as curb appeal. When you see a dirty and shabby-looking building, will you be enticed to visit it? No, right? But you are more inclined to enter when a building looks squeaky clean and good. Cleanliness adds value to the overall curb appeal of a building which can also translate to an increase in selling value. 

The front of a building, called a facade, is one way to attract people to your facility. The facade includes the windows and general building design. No matter how bright your lamps are inside of the building, but your windows are all dirty – the place will still look gloomy. Nothing beats natural lighting.

2. Preserves the overall health of the building

Not all buildings are created solely with materials such as cement or metals. There are also structures that are made of wood. These can accumulate grime, mold, pollen, or leaves over time. This can cause structural degradation to your structure. You can prevent this if you clean your structure. Investing in a good cleaning service will be good in the long run. But if you are owning just a building with just a few stories, you can invest rather in a good power washer and cleaning agents instead.

3. Increases harmony between the building and its surroundings

The building has to blend with its neighboring structures. No matter how magnificent or breathtaking a building’s design is if it is soiled, it will look uninteresting. If it is also the only structure that looks dirty, it will stand out for all the wrong reasons. It will affect the overall ambiance of the community.

There are different ways to clean a building. It can accumulate so much dirt as it protects the people inside of the building from it. Pollution and weather conditions contribute to these. However, it is necessary to clean them up to extend their life.

4. Avoid pests

Dirt can attract pests. Pests love a dirty place! And for a commercial building, these can taint the reputation! No one wants to go to a pest-infested place! Aside from it tainting the reputation, pests can also damage the wirings in the building. Which in turn causes electrical damage to the electrical system.

5. Reduce energy costs

Energy costs are not getting any lower! We have to start looking for innovative ways to reduce energy costs. One way to reduce energy costs is by cleaning the building exterior! If the sunlight is utilized properly, light bulbs won’t be used as much anymore. 

6. Save costs

When a building is regularly cleaned, the damages incurred by the structure will be seen and addressed right away. As they say, prevention is better than cure! If you are running a business, this is a must to accumulate more profit!

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